[Reminder] Legitimacy verification | Mandarake

Jun 28, 2020

    1. Hello DoA members!

      We have some quick reminders for everyone.

      Legitimacy verification

      Any and all legitimacy verification, and potential recast ID requests should always be posted in Ask the Moderators.

      For a little while now, the mod team has seen an increase in threads created in the regular areas of DoA, where members ask for help verifying the legitimacy of a purchased doll, a doll they are considering purchasing, or a doll they received as a gift.

      If you have any uncertainty at all about a doll's legitimacy, you are not allowed to post anything about it in the normal areas of DoA. If the doll turns out to be a recast, this would break our no-recasts rule, which is grounds for a full forum ban from DoA.

      In order to request a legitimacy review (for a doll you have, or a sales listing of a possible purchase), please post a thread in Ask the Moderators. Include as much information as you can about the doll. Things that the mods can use to review include:
      1. The company/sculpt name.
      2. Where the doll was purchased. If purchased on AliExpress, Amazon, Ebay, Mandarake, Taobao, or any other shopping site, include a direct link to the listing you purchased. If the item was purchased secondhand via Facebook, Instagram, or other social media site, please provide links to the sales listings -and- screenshots of the listing. If it was a sale in a private group, the mod team may not have access to view the actual listing.
      3. Anything that came with the doll (box, CoA, etc)
      4. Photos of the doll. Provide clear, high-resolution photos of all parts, including closeups of the joints; inside the elastic channels; seamlines; front of the face and both profile sides, and the back of the head; inside the head; both sides of the headcap; closeups of any markings on any parts (left or right indicators, etc)
      If you have not yet purchased the doll, a link to the sales listing (or screenshots of private listings) is sufficient.

      After you provide the information, the mod team will then review, and let you know if we believe the doll to be a recast.

      Regarding Mandarake

      We have seen a few people ask questions about purchases made on Mandarake.

      To explain a little about Mandarake, they are basically a consignment shop in Japan. Individuals bring their items in and sell them to Mandarake, who then prices and lists them online and in their physical shops. The company processes huge numbers of secondhand items every day - general hobby items overall, at that. BJDs make up a relatively small portion of their items, so they only have so much time to investigate doll legitimacy on their end. It is unlikely that you would be able to obtain information further than what they include in their listings.

      As such, there is no way for shoppers to track any provenance information for any items Mandarake sells, if an item seems suspicious. Before recasts became such a problem in the hobby, they may have been a very safe shopping option, but with the sheer number of recast dolls that exist, they have been popping up on Mandarake more recently as well.

      An item being sold on Mandarake is not a guarantee of legitimacy. Please use your best judgement when making purchases, or ask us to take a look.
      You can review DoA's guide on how to spot recasts here:

      As always, thank you for reading, and please post in Ask the Moderators if you have any questions~
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