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Reminder: no sales postings in discussion! and just ONE pic please!

Nov 1, 2009

    1. Guys - lately I've been getting a lot of reported posts where people have been discussing sales in this discussion forum.

      It's against the rules. Please be mindful of this as you post. It is a rule that is intended to help protect you, our members, against people who don't yet have marketplace access or who might be scammers. It is truly there to help you.

      I know sometimes it can be confusing, so I'll try to outline a couple of scenarios for you.

      I just got my bisou, she sure is cute but I'm not sure about her. Her size is kinda strange.
      NOT OK:
      I just got my bisou, she sure is cute but I'm not sure about her. She's for sale in the MP.

      Man, that head's adorable! I'll have to pick one of those up soon!
      NOT OK:
      Man, that head's adorable! Does anybody have one they want to sell me?

      Thanks guys! you're the best!

      *****ALSO, I need to remind everyone that in discussion threads you really need to post just ONE picture. We are sliding past the gallery rules as it is, and posting multiple pics in these huge threads is really not okay. So far I haven't deleted them, but I WILL START.

      You need to post your pictures in the gallery. You can post ONE from your gallery post in discussion and post a LINK to the rest. Also at your disposal is the gallery sticky, where you can post a link to a photostory or gallery post you have made.

      Thanks guys!!!!!!!! :bcupcake
    2. Sher--quick question--let's say someone says, OH, where did you get those eyes?? Is it ok to post info on where you bought them, or should this be done in a PM?

      Thanks in advance!
    3. As far as I understand, Jenny - it's fine as long as it isn't stuff you're selling yourself (or pointing towards a friend's sales, etc). Pointing towards a company is fine (if someone asks you where you got x), showing off your own sales threads isn't. Is that right, sher? XD
    4. Well I had a similar problem some time ago. Someone asked for shoes, and I wanted to put all the links I know of people/companies who make shoes, but I wasn't sure if I could add my link...
    5. You could always have it added to the Pukipuki resource post and then link to there when someone asks for shoes.
    6. MARRYTH - yes, that's right. You are correct. I know it gets confusing when people say I can't find shoes for littlefee, where did you get yours? It's fine to post a link to an ebay seller like debsadorables. It's just not okay to post a link to your own thread in the MP selling shoes.

      Reine is right here too - you are welcome to PM me to ask me to add links to the various sticky threads we have as resource threads, or you could also PM the person who was asking. It would be OKAY to PM somebody and say, hey, I saw you were looking for shoes - I have some if you're interested. :)
    7. updated first post and need to bump this reminder anyway.
    8. Thanks for the reminder, Sher. I know I'm guilty of forgetting :/
    9. Sher what's it mean "sliding past Gallery rules?"
    10. Technically, we are a buncha tiny rule-breakers over here in tinies. :fangirl: Yours truly included. :sweat*_*:treecookie

      The discussion threads we have here really belong in the gallery. Or perhaps gallery/picture requests threads.

      Discussion may have a pic or two, like "here's a pic of my doll wearing those sneakers you were asking me about" used for illustrative purposes, but all the pics we all post here.... like....

      "Here's Twitch being cute."

      "Here's Surprise being cute."

      ...really truly don't belong in discussion threads.
    11. Oops! I didn't realize that! Thanks for the clarification!

      Kinda sad though. The pics were really a lovely part of the discussions. :(
    12. xD Yeah....just 'cause we're sort of bypassing the gallery rules, I hope that means we can continue to do so....(aside from posting multiple photos). *flail*
    13. Even the other subforums have "picspam" photos...they're just more enforced to only have ONE.

      Frankly, I don't have the energy to search the gallery for pukifee photos every day...so seeing some pics in the thread is nice.

      Not to mention...one of my Internet connections is paid by bandwidth...and I'd waste MORE trying to look at gallery threads seeing if it's what I want to see than just seeing a pic and then a link in a discussion thread.
    14. The tags in the MP, the gallery, etc., really are very very snazzy. Lets you just click on ANY thread you see that has the TINY tag and they'll all come up.

      So everyone, remember to use those tags when you do post in the gallery!

      I do see your point of view, Reine...but sometimes I do think it's a shame that we are so insular here. *I* like dolls other sizes than tinies, and I'm sure a lot of our friends elsewhere on DOA who don't spend time in discussion threads do, too. They don't get to see our adorable dolls and squee for us.

      And sometimes, I don't really want to wade through tons of discussion and squee to just see some pics. So I sometimes miss not being able to see much stuff in the gallery because nobody bothers to post it. So there's always other points of view and everyone's feelings are valid. Just putting another point of view out there.

      have a cookie! :starcookieor two!! :gingerbreadman:starcookie:treecookie
    15. I'm so confused. *_* This means no more photos in the discussion threads?
    16. :o OOPS....didn't see this and have been guilty!
    17. no. as the post says, one or two is okay, then link the rest to the gallery. we just don't want a whole picture layout group of pics in discussion.