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Reminisce Head at Elfdoll

Jul 25, 2006

    1. Hi, Hibiscus!

      (I've had a potful of them for years - they've got such lovely blooms!!!)

      The Nabee in your avatar tells me all I need to know about how you got on the list - the event heads are gifts to all those who bought RainyDoll Specials! Wonderful thing for Elfdoll to do . . .

    2. I am really amazed......and thrilled! And perplexed, since I don't know which head to choose. Obviously I'm a bigger fan of Elfdoll than ever!
    3. I'm on there too...and I've been eyeing that R. Ryung since they first posted pictures. I know who I'm picking. Man, my luck meter is done for the next few years now. lol

      Elfdoll for the win!! That's so nice of them...and so very unexpected!
    4. I won a free head but I would still have to pay for the $27 shipping. Since I already own a closed eye ryung and I really can't use a reminisce head.

      If anyone is interested in having me order their choice them I would be open to accepting private message bids. If you want makeup the additional expense from elfdoll is $55.
    5. Hmmm...I own a Nabee and didn't hear anything about this. Did they only pick so many?
    6. That is way nice of them, though. They are so nice to deal with :)
    7. The list of winners is on their website. I got on the list and am quite excited, but I haven't ordered it yet. I think I'll go for Sooah, but. . . .
    8. And the winner is.....SOOAH! It was the lips that decided me. And I went virtuous and went for the unpainted head.

    9. I am accepting private message bids and will sell to the highest bid.
    10. I am a lucky one to get the free head and now Susu can have a sleeping head.
    11. I am getting ready to order my prize head so if you want her please get your bids in now.
    12. I noticed on their Q&A forum that someone asked for a free head, although they bought from a reseller, and they were replied with, "We will be assembling a list for them shortly"... I wonder if this means that they'll be doing this for all their resellers? Hnnn... Either way, I envy you guys. *laugh* I'll be ordering myself a head in the future, just not now.

      Did you guys order your Specials direct, or from a reseller?
    13. I won the head and since I already own a sleeping head I'm selling my prize to the highest bidder.
    14. frushtick, don't you find it a bit tacky to hijack this thread about the heads to run your auction?

    15. I agree, you should start a thread in the marketplace to see, not here and not someone else's thread.
    16. You are both right and I took your advise.

    17. I ordered my head from Dollorama (used to be Shop4DollsandBears when I bought my Nabee). The letter I got from them said they were only getting a certain number of heads that was less than the number of qualifiers, so first come, first served.

      I didn't even get to choose which head I wanted to have. I don't know if all the U.S. dealers are in the same boat or not. Elfdoll is absolutely stellar for doing this, but it sucks that dealers aren't able to honor the spirit of the offer and get heads to every single special edition buyer who wants one, the way Elfdoll is.

      I'm not even sure I'm getting mine - they took my money for shipping, but the follow-up e-mail I got after asking for the Nabee head basically said there aren't enough to go around, we'll pick for you if you got in on time. :(
    18. Elf Doll is supplying the heads to us. We gave them a list, but we sold a lot more Special Edition dolls than they are giving us heads for (we are short a couple dozen).

      We were allocated only so many of each style, and names/choice of head were approved by Elf Doll before we posted our list.

      We did the best we could to 'match' up heads. We could not take a 'wish' list, because with only a certain number of each style to go around, we will run out.

      We are waiting until more time elapses, as we don't know whether or not everyone will redeem their gift heads.

      We apologized ahead of time for not having enough heads to go around, and we will try to ask for more (if we need them), but at this time we have done all we can do.

      Of course we would like to supply heads to everyone and give them a choice of head, but we simply cannot; Elf Doll gave us a number and told us what we could do to give them away.
    19. Well that's wonderful that Elf is setting things up so dealers can distribute the heads. I will be interested to hear what folks think of them when they arrive----I ordered mine with no faceup. I hope you'll share pics!