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Removing Abio Angel heads

Jun 23, 2009

    1. I have two 27cm yo-sds and I cannot figure out how to remove their heads without having to restring them. I'm told there's some sort of S hook that's supposed to keep the wires in place so I can remove the head, but there's nothing like that. Any advice?

      Edit, here's a pic of the inside of the head. It actually looks like I can't remove it, which I find sorta weird:

    2. That's very strange you are supposed to have an S hook. But if you don't what exactly do you have?
    3. Nothing o.o It's just the inside of their head has a piece of resin that keeps the strings from falling out. It looks like the head is actually tied to the body with the strings.

    4. can you take a pic of yours?
    5. Yeah, I'll have to do it tonight when I get home from work.

    6. just to specify are these VOLKS YOSD or another similar sized tiny?
    7. No, they're ball-jointed Abio Angel tinies. I'm not home so I can't photograph the inner head right now but this is what they look like:

    8. oh, mine is Volks YoSD, the S hook is the metal thing that is holding the elastic string together, hope that helps, your best bet would be asking the Abio Angel tinies owners. Sorry can't help much.
    9. thats what i thought, we would have to see the inside of the head to get an idea
    10. looks like you could put a long string through the elastic (or wire) and pull the elastic off the resin hook...the string will act as a way to pull the string back through the head when your done. the doll looks like she is very cute. :)