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Removing MNF Headcap

Jul 18, 2007

    1. Ok, I'm a first time owner, so forgive me if this has a rather simple answer:sweat .

      I've wanting to change the eye position of my MNF, but have realized I have absolutely no idea of how to take off the headcap :doh , I dont even know what to expect.

      Is it the magnetic type, or the ones that are tied with the S-hook?

      Can anyone please explain to me the procedure to take it off and put it on again? He just looks so fragile, I'm afraid of breaking him, so some help on this would be greatly appreciated :lol:
    2. it'll be the snap variety, so just pull ;) I have a mnf shiwoo too, congrats on your new one :)
    3. My minifee el and shushu just pull off also :)
    4. Depends on which kind you have really, my mnf chiwoo has a twist off head cap. so try just pulling it straight off to see if you have the magnetic. If that doesn't work, then try twisting it to the left and then pull off if you have the twist.
    5. do they just pull off? are they tight the first time?

      I'm trying it but it seems a bit tight.. or maybe I'm just afraid to pull too much?
    6. don't worry,
      i get of my mnf's head caps all the time..to remove they're heads with the one touch system to dress them without endangering the faceup.

      I have heard the Shiwoo head cap is a bit tight,
      but just pull it.. you will be fine ;3
      gl with the struggle of positioning the eyes :B
      (look out...glass eyes can be sharp sometimes)
    7. sorry for so many questions, I'm just a bit nervous and freaked by this.

      So do you pull up, down, to a side or do I try to get it straight out?

      PS: He's not making it easy either... he keeps on kicking @-@;;
    8. Uhm.. Well i just pull back.
      After a while you get the hang of it.
      On my lishe i grip on the whole upper cap and pull..
      and on my shushu i actaully press the back of the cap while supporting the front and it just sort pop/slides off. ^_^
      But my shushu's head cap is roomyer then my Lishe's
    9. OMFG! Congrats on your MnF Shiwoo! They're a blast to have! :XD:

      As for the head cap, I had the same question when I first got him. All you gotta do is grab it and pull up a little and it should come right off. =^w^=
    10. OMG! Yay, I did it, trying with the Lishe method worked, thank you very very much!!!

      Thanks everyone for the help!! :)
    11. ... uhm, is the putty inside reusable?:sweat
    12. Ayup. But if it's the same stuff I had (gooey white stuff) don't use it with Acrylic eyes. It wrecks them. XP (Has learned from experience)
    13. all right!! thank you, I will keep that in mind :)
    14. Good luck! b =^w^= d
    15. tip for eyeholding:
      Kneed able eraser.
      I disliked the Luts eyeputty because it started to crumble after a while.
      (making my whole girl dirty..even her neck o_o")