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Removing parts to get clothes on?

Jan 18, 2007

    1. Ive been thinking lately, that when I make clothes, MOST of them require I take some kind of body part off. Heads, mostly.

      Honestly though, it doesnt bother me... because when the clothes go on, they look more real because theres not a bunch of snaps/velcro on the back.
      Thats just my opinion though.

      Do you have a problem with disassembleing your doll to get it's clothes on? :P Why/Why not? :)
    2. Yea, normally I made the hole where the head has to come trough very big, and ugly on Ophelia's shirts.
      So now I discovered that I could take of the head, so her shirts are really nice now.
      Her head is just too big, and it doesn't even have got brains in it! O___o
    3. I don't mind snaps or anything, but I prefer shirts to not have them. Like you said, it looks more real. It takes about the same amount of time to take off the head as it does to do up buttons. ^^
    4. I remember making a shirt with sleeves so tight i had to remove the hands...and find something to keep the string up was not easy :S

      as for the whole shirt, I usually cut the back the stick some velcro to close it.
    5. It depends how tight they're strung. I don't think I'm going to let the head come off Wolfram ever again. The underside of my fingernails bled the first time I had to put the headcap back on. Esper is a touch floppy, so I have no problems with taking her head off. Enid is very loose so it's no effort at all. Mercurial is in the middle.
    6. Hmm... Well, I don't know how to take off the head.
      I usually just buy simple white clothes like a slip gown, and then I ornament and decorate them alot to make them look better. D: I'm cheap, I know. But I don't have a sewing machine and I'm not all that good at hand-stiching. xD
    7. I don't like removing heads because I try to avoid touching my dolls' faces and heads as much as possible, I'll never purposely buy an outfit designed like that. Removing hands doesn't bother me, though, since Volks has the one-touch system.
    8. I don't mind having to remove heads to get shirts on. Hands are a little more annoying for me though. It's not so bad for my SD Lucas or sunlight F20 because of the one-touch system, but for my oldskin Volks body, CP, Dolkot, & Dollshe boys, I'd end up selling an item of clothing if I had to remove their hands just to get them in it. :sweat

      While I prefer tshirt type shirts to have no back opening, I greatly prefer snaps to velcro if there is one. I hate velcro openings on shirts. >_<
    9. So far I haven't taken any parts off in order to wear clothes. I'm just too lazy to do that! I definitely prefer clothes that don't require taking parts off! :D
    10. I don't like to, since it's kind of a hassle. Most of their clothes don't require disassemblement, however.
    11. I will not buy items that I have to disassemble my doll to get them on. I get VERY nervous taking heads on and off and I don't do it unless I absolutely am forced to. Also, I change clothes so often, that having to take of heads or hands or whatnot would get old really quickly....
    12. Oi I'm lonely over here xD;... I like shirts that are completely open in the back that close with velcro/snaps/buttons/zipper. I guess it's because my girl has such long hair, that it's all covered up and out of view ^^;?

      I wouldn't like taking the head off too much because of all the touching involved ^^; well... I touch her head a lot for posing but... I wouldn't like manhandling it. I don't really like taking hands off either so I just make my clothes with elastic sleeves so far ^^;. It already takes long enough as it is to dress her... I don't want to disassemble her every time xD;.
    13. I actually won't buy anything that doesn't have a back opening. I refuse to take their heads off, it's such a pain and honestly, 99&#37; of the time I'm photographing/looking at them from the front anyway :)
    14. when I had a mini fee chiwoo with the one touch head removal, I didnt mind having to take him apart to put clothes on.

      Now I hate it because I worry so much about hurting thier faceups and/or slipping and breaking their necks or something.

      Right now Noah's shirt is sewn onto him..And the only way Im going to get it off one of these days will be to cut it because im just special like that.
    15. I don't mind removing heads and hands for a piece of clothing as long as it's an outfit the doll will be wearing for a long period of time. Most of the boys only have a few pieces of clothing that really suit them so none of them change clothing all that often.

      Both of Grey's sets of clothing require you to take his hands off, and on top of that you have to put the empty vest on the shirt and stuff the shirt inside the coat and put them all on at the same time or it won't work. He has the one-touch system so it's not hard.

      If a shirt has to have a back closure I'd prefer it wasn't velcro, I hate the way it feels and it's too lumpy.:ablah:
    16. I don't remove their heads, just one boys wig, and sometimes the hands on the pureskins just to make it a little easier. I don't design anything that opens up the back un-realistically either, instead I opt for designs with 'decorative' openings (for example a button -up polo rather than a T-shirt).

    17. I don't mind taking of Kei's (Cory) head, because it's one-touch. So, I buy whatever shirts I want for him. Also, I've made a pair of armwarmers that I have to take off hands to get them on. Which isn't too much of a problem, since the boys that can wear them have hooks on their hands anyway.
    18. I touch my dolls' heads as little as possible, and when I have to remove them I use gloves. I worry about wearing away the msc. I also have a doll whose ear blushing has rubbed off just due to gentle (but frequent) handling. I absolutely avoid anything that requires taking off the head. Even if it was the most beautiful outfit ever and I was given it for free, I wouldn't put it on a doll if I had to remove the head.
    19. I tend to leave my dolls in the same clothing for a while, and won't change it unless I'm doing a photoshoot that they need to look different for. I also don't mind having to remove hands or heads to put clothes on, but I am a "hands on" person with my dolls and have sueded and restrung them many times.

      So I just buy clothes I like and don't mind either way.

      Linda S.
    20. If I have to remove my dolls head or hands to put on a piece of clothing then I won't buy it. And it really irks me if I buy a shirt or something and then find out when I get it that I have to remove my doll's head or hands to get it on. IMHO that's somthing that should be mentioned by the maker/seller (and it usually is).

      I don't mind taking off the wig though, and maybe the headcap on occassion. I just don't like handling my dolls' heads more than is necessary.