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Replacements available for version 1 "skinny arms" for Soom Mecha Angel boy owners

Jun 17, 2008

    1. I wasn't 100% sure where to post this but I thought this info might be of intrest to any Mecha Angel owners like myself who have the earlier sculpt with the skinnier arms

      I asked SOOM very nicely and this was my reply:

      I italicised the "existing customers" bit myself, I'm not sure if they would let you order them if you didn't buy from SOOM directly

      it really is pathetic how giddy the idea of new arms has made me :fangirl:

      time to start saving :lol:
    2. Oh boy! Maybe one day I can replace those stick-like arms of my boy ^_^

      Or perhaps someone would want to buy the old arms....?
    3. I don't want to sound stupid but I never ordered a Gift Cert from Soom before and I did not see the option for $131.00, how do you do it :sweat
    4. Put
      3 x $10
      and a $1

      all in your shopping basket and check out!
      I would put in payment notes that it's for the MA arms.

    5. DOH! haha, ok, so you have to order 5 certs, got it :sweat thanks!
    6. That is great news! I asked them about a couple months back if they'd sell me the new muscle arms and they'd said no. I'm glad that other people have asked and that they've change their mind. :)
    7. When exactly did they change the arms? I think both my Mecha bodies are skinnies but I'm having a hard time finding pics of the mecha body on the Soom site with arms bare to compare.
    8. I think the first couple of Sabiks and Corvi have the skinny arms???
    9. They changed the arms when Vega - Last Song came out. I don't know how many batches were sold before that...

      EDIT: I just checked - he was released in March.
    10. Augh! I wish Unidoll would pump up the Real boys' arms a bit, and offer that option! But like someone said, to "existing customers"? Does that mean having bought anything from them or having bought the Mecha boys?
    11. My guess is that they'll only sell to people who purchased the early version MAs directly from them. They really seem reluctant to offer them as it is.

      My Corvi has been wearing nothing but long sleeves since I got him. Those chicken arms are really embassarring looking next to his well defined chest. We won't talk about the scrawny legs, but at least my guy isn't the shorts wearing type.

    12. Bingo for Heat as well, just beautiful sculpts otherwise.

      I think I may have to order some of these! now if only they made bigger jointed hands for these boys :sweat
    13. Has anyone been able to actually put through this very strange method of ordering replacement arms? I need some for Corvi, although he mostly hangs out in that sort of leathery black fantasy garb he came with and no one sees his poor withered limbs, either upper or lower.
    14. Wow that's great news! I hope I can order them for my Sabik one day!
      Please share your experience in getting them!
    15. I second this. Has anyone ordered yet?

      My boy usually wears long sleeve clothing, so his skinny arms dont bother me that much. I do agree about his hands tho...they need to be bigger :sweat
    16. I added the arms for idrisfynn's Corvi to the items we have on layaway with Soom. They'll be shipped with Sard once he's payed for... so it'll be a while.

      We also have both of the Onyx dolls on our tab. *_*
    17. I haven't ordered yet but will be in around 3 weeks when my bonus from work comes in, I can keep everyone posed with how it goes if you like
    18. I seem to be in a minority as I kinda like the thinner look. Still good to know...I wish they'd come out with cyborg arms again :(

    19. I don't so much mind them being thin as I don't like they way they stick out at the shoulder, had considered deepening the ball socket if SOOM said no actually