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Replacing a damaged limited doll?

Nov 2, 2017

    1. So I was chatting to my doll bruna earlier today when this popped into my mind. My Dolly is a limited DC carol and I've yet to see any other dolls with proportions like hers. Her wings are really cool and big in proportion to her body and I noticed how thin the resin is where the S hooks go.

      Odds are good that if it ever broke on me Bruna would have to spend the rest of her days as a crippled harpy because I have no idea what to do about it.

      I don't know if its possible to fix something so small and thin and I'm definitely not going to buy another doll just for one part.

      This isn't going to stop me from playing with Bruna, but it does put a damper on what I'm willing to do.

      Does anyone else have thoughts like this?
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    2. Sometimes if the company still has the mould they'll sell you the replacement part you need, but of course being limited makes that trickier. I guess you could look for a good customiser to fix it, either. Thin resin makes me nervous!
    3. There are tons of talented people who repair/mod/alter dolls, I'm sure if something were to break they'd be able to pull their minds together and either tell you how to fix it yourself, or direct you to someone who is fabulous at fixing it..but yes, it is a worry I think for all of us.

      Souldoll just discontinued the only SD doll I own...and I love her face (I know, not as scary as her whole body being limited). I'm so afraid something is going to happen where she's going to break her pretty little head I find myself playing with her a little less. Some with my little guys though. I have an off topic doll that was an oopsie on the companys behalf (He's a head mold I don't even see on their site) and now that the shock of him arriving has worn off I'm worried about what will happen when/if he ever gets damaged. Especially because my three musketeers (Yes, I have three of the 'same' sculpt for him) are all sitting on my desk. He's out of sunlight's way but I always fear something insane will happen and I won't be able to get a replacement for him.
    4. Maybe reinforce the parts you feel are too thin with epoxie(?) yes you will have to colour match and all that jazz but it could be an idea to prevent damage :)
    5. I'm horrified of stuff like this. Especially if the doll comes in an unusual skin color. That's so hard to fix...
      I never really "play" with my dolls they're pieces of art for me to be looked at and admired only and they stand in their little display behing UV proof glass and only come out for makeovers and shootings. That probably makes me sound crazy but it's how I roll...
      Reinforcing is a great idea tho, that somehow I have never thought of even tho I have Apoxie Sculpt laying around here!
    6. Fortunatly, resin doesn't break too easily. i've dropped or knocked one of my Fairyland Real Pukis with the thin point ears on the floor several times, and haven't damaged her ears.

      I have a Soom fairy with a vwith delicate transparent wings. I managed to knock one of her wings on the floor and broke off the very thin tip of one. It's hard to notice if I don't compare the two. I have the broken off bit, and could super glue it back on, leaving a verry tiny crack visible in her wing or mod the other one to match. .

      So i try to be careful with my dolls, but can fix something small if it gets damaged.
    7. It's honestly something that I've just come to see as going with the hobby.

      I own limited sculpts too, but even basic sculpts, over time, will become discontinued. I can look at my first girl who is an Iplehouse Silvia (the old YID line, purchased in 2008) and know that the only way I'd ever be able to get replacement parts for her would be to buy another doll on the second hand market...if I could find one. :sweat

      In a way, it makes each doll feel very special though, doesn't it? Each doll is its own little piece. I like the idea of tending to each doll as they age. Keeping them beauiful to me. Even if that means changing how they look or work, rather than just seeing them as something I can plug replacement parts into. I guess I like to see how the dolls evolve as they age too. It gives them a kind of character. Hehe.
    8. Honestly? I try not to think about these things...but realistically, I know it could happen. My first doll, Amir, is an AoD Chen, but even though they still offer a Chen sculpt, the face and body are entirely different from mine. They've changed the Chen doll at least twice since I got mine, and considering my boy is ten years old, a new piece, even if I could get one, wouldn't be anywhere even close to matching. He's yellowed to almost a normal yellow color, and new white skin is almost paper white. I could either have him restored (though sanding would change his color again...) or search the MP for an old v1 Chen (which wouldn't have the same feeling, since it wouldn't actually BE my first doll, just a substitute). I'd probably just deal with the damage, and either try to write it into his story, or if it was so horrible I couldn't reasonably see a character existing like that (crushed face or body, for example), then I'd probably just keep the broken doll "in memory" of him. With my other dolls, I'd likely just reshell them or find parts from another company that would match well enough and sell/trade/give away/experiment on the broken parts. I feel like Amir is the only one who couldn't be replaced in some way, just because he was my first doll.