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Reshelling guilt

Mar 5, 2018

    1. Do do you ever have this problem? The doll I have doesn't embody the character I had planned for him. So i am buying a new head and body to redo the character. But i still love the original so very very much. I plan on using him for a different character because I just can't bear to part with him

      So now he is nameless. But i love him no less.

      Do any of you feel guilty when and if you do this??
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    2. Not really. Happens all the time. A sculpt doesn’t fit the image of the character an owner has in their mind, so they go hunting for another, better sculpt to work. Then they either create a new character for that old sculpt or (in a great many cases) sell the old doll on to someone else. I’ve reshelled one or two characters myself.
    3. Weirdly I haven't had this problem with a whole doll, just bodies. My first doll I got just the head first then the body later. The company had changed the resin colour so it didn't match but it bothered me more that he was too buff. I tried to work that into his character but it wasn't meshing. I ended up buying a new head for the body and it just clicked better. I ordered a different, colour-matched body for the original head and it was just so much better. I had the same thing to a lesser extent with my first girl.

      I can understand the guilt tho. In a way you promised this character to the doll but then you realised it wasn't for them. And now I've written that down it sounds weird. But it makes sense to me! But there's no need to feel bad - you still like your doll so you just need to figure out who they are. I've bought some dolls to shell characters but others I just liked the doll and their character has developed from the sculpt.
    4. @rubydoll

      Exactly! I promised him this character but it doesnt fit. I would never get rid of him though. I just need to figure out what to do with him now.

      He is an IOS Osiris btw ;)

      So now I need to find a whole new character for him. Which is fun in its own way. I just feel so bad for him
    5. Nah, don't feel bad for him - he may have auditioned for a role he didn't get but liking him enough to write a new role just for him? Sounds pretty sweet to me!
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    6. I have, but I ended up not regretting it at all. Currently, of my crew, Luc, Hailey, Justin, Parker, Rose, Jack and Loren have all been reshelled (Parker is on his third sculpt!) With most, I was certain I wanted to do it, but with Parker's third reshelling and Luc's first, I was a little worried at first that I had made a mistake, so I held onto the old heads for awhile while I was adjusting to the change. The only one I've ever gone back on was Amir, but that's an odd story. Amir was my first doll, he's MSD. I decide later that I preferred SD, so I upgraded him, but I kept the old doll in his box in my closet because he has very little monetary value and I couldn't bear to part with my first doll. Over time, my crew changed a lot and Amir no longer really fit in. I ended up selling the SD version, so the character is back in the old shell, just separate from the rest of the crew since he's a different scale and character no longer fits.

      I have also reused dolls for different characters. Kier is an example of that. His head (Iplehouse Mars) originally was meant to be a different character of mine, but I quickly lost interest in that character, but loved the sculpt and wanted to keep it. When I was looking to shell Kier, I realized the Mars head was perfect for him, so I stuck it on a different body and repainted it, and he's been perfect for almost five years now.

      I haven't really felt guilty, because I tend to get attached to characters more than physical dolls, so having the character in the right doll is more important to me. I have sold sculpts I thought were beautiful because I couldn't find a good character for them. I feel regret more than guilt, because I could have spent the money on something I'd enjoy more--but sometimes, you can't know that until you have it in person!
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    7. Aww its so nice to have people who understand! I love him he was my first Boy Sd. My dad bought me an old obitsu girl sd and that was my first doll and he inadvertently got me into the hobby. Now i have my IOS Osiris boy, a feeple60 celine and my customhouse choa sd. And of course the IOS Sezz im paying off. I love my dolls and i couldnt bear to part with them. Ill definately be creating a special roll just for osiris :)
    8. I'm actually planning on getting a new sculpt for a character of mine because a) I no longer have the doll and b) the sculpt just didn't quite fit him.
    9. Yeah, I've had a few of my crew end up reshelled. I'm currently waiting on a head for such a case on order from Dollzone, Raymond to be exact. I've had a few doubts with the choice since I ordered him, but I've loved that sculpt since I discovered him, and feel like he'll work out.

      Tahmos and Nira are two other case of reshells for me. For Tahmos, there was never any regret with the decision, and the new head is an upgrade to his original for me.

      Nira, on the other hand, was originally going to be a Resinsoul Lian head with a complicated story behind it. I was planning to hybrid her, ordering a custom color from two different companies. There were some mistakes made during the body's order that threw my plans into chaos, and the head and body in the end were very off in color. I eventually reshelled her as Impldoll Azalea in a different color and sold the head and body off. I'd considered keeping the head for another character of mine for a bit, but ended up deciding I'd like to try my hand at sculpting that girl's head myself eventually.

      I feel like reshelling just comes with the bjd territory especially when you're creating specific, special characters. It's all about getting the character right, after all, and sometimes they need to evolve a bit to reach perfection:kitty2
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    10. Yes it is the creative process. Ideas change over time and in doing so, our dolls will change as well. His handsome smile makes me think he forgives me and loves me anyways ^^
    11. My sister just sold her first doll because the sculpt, a Bobobie Apollo, didn't fit the style she was going for anymore and she plans to reshell him. At first she felt guilt because it was her first doll but after he got sold to a good home, she started to feel happy because she realized she was more in love with the character than with the sculpt
    12. I don't feel guilty per say, but the one time this happened to me I put a lot of effort into finding a new role/character for my doll. So I now have a regency young lady as well as tang dynasty princess's.
    13. I feel so guilty over it. But I know it’s something I shouldn’t be. I’d probably feel better if I loved the doll as well but I can’t bring myself to like her. She spends all of her time in her box now and she’ll stay there until she finds a new home.
    14. Shelling characters is awkward. Not only do you have to find a doll that looks like the character, but it also has to be in the same scale as other characters.

      I'm actually trying to reshell the character of the doll I use for my profile pic. Not because I don't like the doll, but she's a Dreamingdoll, and she's so bobble headed compared to everyone else that she doesn't look right. So I'm planning on finding a replacement with a smaller head, then getting this doll a new faceup.