Resin and light boxes

Feb 3, 2017

    1. Sorry if this has been asked before, it's a tricky one to search for. I just recently got a therapy light box for treating SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and this morning I realised where I've positioned it, it's been shining on a few of my dolls. Does anyone know are these lights okay for resin? It's in the only place I can put it because of the plug sockets and the dolls need to stay where they are because the sunlight doesn't reach that part of my room : / The light is really strong but it's not UV and that's what damages/yellows resin, right?
    2. On reading I kept seeing that they didn't have 'much' UV content and are made to mimic sunlight (suggesting it would have...), and so found that to be unhelpful. So I just looked up a typical spectrum. It looks like they usually start after 400nm, so outside of the UV range ( ). I haven't found a great source those, and because I am a curious being, I might measure it next week! But I think you are correct on being safe on the UV front.

      It is my understanding that UV and oxygen are the culprits? So, I think you should be okay?
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    3. Oxidation in normal colored resin (yellowing), and oxidation on tan colors (greening) will happen as soon as the resin is cast. That is an effect of the resin aging, so oxidation will happen no matter what. Because different companies create their own formulas, each company's resin will age at different rates.

      That being said, UV light and places with extreme heat will make the resin oxidize faster. If the light gives off a lot of heat, it will definitely affect your dolls faster and only certain parts (the ones nearest to the heat source) will change color.
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    4. The light does get hot but you can only feel it if you put your hand on it, it's not really giving off heat, and it's on one side of my bed while the dolls are on the other side and across the room, so I don't think the heat would reach them at all :) Thanks guys!