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Resin Best Friend or Resin Army? The pros and cons of having a few dolls vs tons

Apr 21, 2011

    1. First of all, don't talk about your fifty characters that ALL need resin shells. We've all heard that one before.

      But let's debate on what will bring YOU more happiness? More dolls, or more accessories for fewer dolls? Completely disregarding characters and whatnot, what would bring you more happiness? What would you rather have:

      1. 3 or less dolls, which frees up cash for accessories
      2. 10 or more dolls, but as the number gets higher, the number of "finished dolls" gets lower. In fact, they're lucky if they get a full outfit.

      I'd rather have less dolls, because I can't possibly keep track of having that many. Plus, I'd love to be able to take them all everywhere, and anymore than two to take everywhere just gets ridiculous.

      But that's what I want out of this hobby. So what does the rest of DoA want out of this hobby?

      EDIT: So just to clear this up - this is an entirely hypothetical situation, followed by my own input since I figured it'd be wasteful if I put it in a different post. I am not trying to support my biases or whatever, I just want to hear what you guys like more about this hobby, a resin army or mix and match? Does that clear it up now? And I apologize sincerely if I've hurt anyone's feelings.

      If it helps, just consider it being MY only two choices, and if you were choosing for me - what would you choose?
    2. Well, I could live just fine with a few less dolls I suppose, but all my dolls have one outfit, wig, eyes and shoes. They change every once in a while but they don't really have a wardrobe. So in that sense I would be happier with more dolls and less clothes because I already live that way anyway xD
      If I had fewer dolls with more outfits I wouldn't use the outfits and that would be a waste of space and money. I also have no problem dividing attention, but that's because I don't have 20 perhaps.
    3. Right off the bat, your assumption that you can only have "a lot of dolls" OR "finished dolls" (i.e. that #1 & #2 are mutually exclusive) is faulty.

      I have a lot of dolls and I have no trouble keeping track of them all and I love them all and they travel and they all have outfits. So, is my answer "all of the above" or "none of the above"?
    4. I have a thing with collecting heads xD;;. But the longer I have been in the hobby, the more I rather just have full dolls. So I put off my floating heads and am working on my main 3 dolls at the moment.

      I do though, want to keep getting full dolls so Im sure 10 will happen sooner or later.
    5. I agree with JennyNemesis 110%. Just because an individual has "a lot" of dolls does not mean they remain "unfinished" or are less appreciated. It totally depends on the person.

      To answer the OP's question, I would much rather have more dolls. I am not a fan of changing outfits, wigs, eyes, etc. Many of my fellow friends in the hobby love having multiple outfits for one doll, but I don't. That's not how I go about things. Every doll in my collection is celebrated. :)
    6. More dolls than clothing and accessories. I've yet to feel the appeal to having more than one wig/shoes/outfit once you've found fitting ones for the .. character and I enjoy the interaction between dolls and the uniqueness of them more than their outfits. But maybe that will change after I've had them longer, as I'm still new to this.

      It may also be the 6 year old part of my brain talking, my barbies used to run around in, if they were lucky, a single barbie dress without stockings/shoes/hair accessories/whatever other barbie stuff.... more likely just a scrap of fabric or scarf I'd stolen from my mother and tied around them, and the boy dolls rarely had shirts because that was just too much unnecessary effort :P I guess none of my BJDs will be winning glamour contests anytime soon!
    7. Well, I can't disregard my characters, since that is what I want out of this hobby. But a smaller number of dolls is what brings me more happiness. And a small number of accessories too. I like just one outfit per doll, one set of eyes, one wig. I like "finished" dolls.

      I think my complete collection will come to five dolls, so about in the middle of your two options.
    8. Given that I have more than 10 dolls and none of them are naked, I'm with PeppermintPocky and JennyNemesis - it doesn't need to be a question of one versus the other.

      Maybe if the question were framed as "You have a set amount of doll money, do you buy A, B or C" then you might have to deal with those trade-offs, but as it stands it's certainly not a given that you need to pick more dolls or more clothes.
    9. I would go somewhere between the two, I already have two dolls with a few more planned, I want each to have at least three outfits that they can mix and match each other. I would never go more then ten... okay that might change we'll see. But most of the dolls I want are SD's because I love that size and it's hard to carry they around when you have more then one. But I don't plan on ever taking all of my dolls to places except my local meets.

      So to sum it up, I want under ten (for now) with a good mix of clothing for each. ^,^
    10. Mine have less stuff but they are all dressed. They go places but not much, there isn't anywhere to go here. And I love them all :) Each is unique.
    11. Can I check both answers as well? I have multiple dolls (going on six, now) and I don't have a problem with getting their accessories or outfits or anything, or at least no problem that I wouldn't have with just a few.

      Also, I have a short attention span. I don't like focusing on just one or two dolls, to the exclusion of all others, just to make them complete. I'd get VERY bored and lose interest VERY quickly. That doesn't mean that the dolls I do have are incomplete due that lack of focus.

      That's more of a lack of free time.
    12. I only have three as of right now. But, I have two more I would like to get this year, when I have the money, and two on layaway. So, by the end of the year, I PLAN to have 7. Fortunately, for now, I have the ability to cloth and wig all of them (and I actually have lots of stuff sitting around waiting). I guess, it'd be fairer to ask if you could only choose another doll or doll accessories, which would you go for. I don't think you can assume that someone with 10+ dolls has them sitting around cheeks to the wind, just like you can't assume someone with just one doll has them perfectly complete. Not like I don't get what you're asking, I just think you can have it all or have nothing, no matter how many dolls you have. :D
    13. i suppose for my resin dolls a smaller amount will be better.
      I thankfully started in 1/6th scale dolls (not barbies but not too expensive either), and i had a good handful of dolls that all had clothing, shoes, and those that used them had a few wigs too.
      However, having a lot of dolls with a lot of things taught me that it'd be better with more expensive dolls to try and be more selective.

      I plan to only have 4 resin dolls (it had been 3, but sometimes it just happens) and i will definitely want a lot of clothing and shoes for all of them. which at the price of everything and with how much more space will be required, i honestly feel for ME it is the best option.
      I'd like to state however that it's entirely possible to have a lot of and a lot of things for everyone that are all loved and maintained.
      Even with the more expensive hobby.
    14. I'm in the camp of 'I have quite a few, and they're all dressed'. The only reasons that some aren't complete are that I'm still figuring things out totally, or I'm waiting for a wig or eyes to come back in stock. I have over a dozen, and since I sew and paint I don't have to worry about spending the money to outfit them perfectly.
    15. Seconding this! I don't think that having finished dolls and having lots of dolls are two separate things. I'm going to continue to buy new ones until I feel satisfied, and in the meantime I'll sell some and buy more. *shrug* All of my full dolls have eyes, wigs, and at least one outfit (they'd have more but I make 'em myself and I've had zero time this semester -_-) Collecting dolls makes me happy:)
    16. Your answer would be "'All of the above' because I am more awesome than you."
    17. I'd rather have less dolls and more clothes. I've been that way with dolls since I was a kid. I always had one favorite Barbie and spent more time dressing her than actually playing with her. I can't imagine having more than five or six dolls, I wouldn't be able to give them all the love and attention they deserve. I'd rather have more accessories for the ones I have because all it takes is a wig and eye change to make them look like an entirely different doll. I'd get bored with a bunch of dolls that never change.
    18. I would personally go with less dolls and more clothing and accessories, seeing how I only have one BJD to buy clothing and accessories for and I'm not planning to buy any more. :sweat ((So in other words I basically just picked the situation I am in. ^^ )) This way I can have a ton of clothing and accessories for my boy, and also so I can always take him out with me and don't have to worry about "favorites".
    19. Resin army all the way. It wouldn't feel like a collection otherwise. Also, everybody has things to wear, and at the same time neither the dolls themselves nor the wig/eyes/clothing collections ever be truly finished. There's always room for improvement. I don't think I could stick with anything that could be stamped "finished."

      Resin armies have a tendency to bring accumulations of outfits etc., with them, so it can actually get easier to keep everybody dressed at least in something temporary.
    20. I have quite a few, and every "finished" doll has at least two or three complete outfits of their own including appropriate footwear. No one is sitting around half-naked here, and no doll is complete enough to be out with the others until he or she has at least one full outfit.

      Lots of dolls and lots of doll accessories are not mutually exclusive. You just need room to store all their accessories if you have several dolls. :)