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Resin color dreams

May 29, 2018

    1. Normally I pick my dolls by sculpt and matching character. With this I have a whole list of sculpts which I want to get my hands on, most of the time I get them in white skin or pale ns atm just got and one in Grey skin. However lately there have been some pretty special skintone releases from bjd companies, for example milky cacao from souldoll or lavender pink from peakswoods. And now I have this huge urge to get a doll from those company in those colors even tho I do not have sculp/character ideas.
      Was wondering if other people have this also, seeing a skintone and wanting a doll in that colour even tho you do not have a sculpt in mind yet.
      And if so which are your musthave skintone or dream skintone colors?

      For me my list would be the following:
      -a souldoll in milky cacao(maybe souloid if they ever make a new line)
      -a souldoll in sand brown
      - a peakswoods in lavender pink
      -a peakswoods in blue Grey
      - a withdoll in rosy brown uv
      -a doll in a dark warm cacao skin tone, like souldoll ier but then a few steps darker (however did not even find a company with such an option yet ).

      Not sure if there already was a thread specific to this.
    2. I’ve done this! I created a character so I could own an Iplehouse glow special real girl, and I’ve always loved purple resin, so I made one of my girls dark purple for ‘story reasons’ and so I could get her in a custom purple (she’s Balik in my profile), I also chose one of my boys so I could get dollshe honey resin, because I think it’s beautiful (honey caramel brown was what I went with, and it’s the prettiest human-coloured resin I’ve ever seen!)
    3. I've always kind of regretted not jumping on the Soom Mango skin Viol when it was first released partly because I can't worry about a doll yellowing when it's already yellow! ;) But mostly because orange and yellow are among my fave colours.

      Peak's Woods emerald green skin is another I really like in photos. As well as their Blue Grey skin.

      Dollshe's green and grey's are also a deep love of mine. I'd love an Orijean in either colour, but he'd be way too big for me so I've been able to let it stay a pipe dream/flight of fancy.
    4. I like more realistic dolls in general, but always admired the color play on fantasy-skinned dolls. So recently when Lillycat had preorders for Bo, a doll I already wanted but didn't expect to see for sale, I jumped on the chance to get her in purple skin. Because I had no character plans for her, I could create a character based on her look and fantasy color. It's pretty fun to step out of the norm.
    5. After seeing Souldoll's Sandy brown I decided I wanted any dolls I get from them in that color and made up stories/characters with tan skin in mind.
    6. The peakswood's lavender pink is so pretty * O * honestly I would like all of peakswood's fantasy colors XD But also Doll chateau mint would be nice and a company to do a bright blue or pink would be interesting as well. I am a huge fan of different resin colors besides the ns and ws for some apparent reason. ;A;
    7. I kind of have a different problem-- I want existing dolls in existing colors that aren't offered together. Like there are a few companies who make beautiful black or brown skin, but then the sculpts I like don't come in those colors. Or I want a medium brown skinned doll, and I can only choose nearly black or light tan with nothing in between, or I find that perfect color, but none of the sculpts offered by that company appeal to me. It's not so bad if I'm buying a doll just because it's pretty, but when I'm trying to shell an existing character, that shade too light/too dark/too orange/too olive/too pink really is a problem and might determine whether or not I buy from that company. I just wish every company offered the range of color that Dollshe does!
    8. I saw a Onedat by Peachydaydreams in orange and absolutely fell in love with the color :love Now I must have that color, but have no idea what doll would suit it. I also am in desperate need of a mint green and when Lamoon by Villitunes is up for preorder again, I must get her in yellow :aheartbea
    9. I am desperately searching for a Merry Doll Round fang in their Cookie tan or even their caramel... they only had a limited run but she's one of my grails. I just adore all of their resin colors and the way that all of them are named after food.
    10. I have a weakness for tan resin and have come up with characters for dolls to have a reason to buy them because they were available in tan. I love the variety of tan resin colors from different companies. Two of my dolls from Soom are LE monthly dolls are in fantasy colors. Coffee Black (which is actually grape juice) and Light Violet (light blue-violet). I love Soom's brick red they used for Trachy and the Sienna used for Labas. The Granado doll I'm waiting for might be similar to Sienna actually. I'd still like to find one that would fit with my gang that's red though. And one that's green.

      I'm planning on dying a doll the color of black coffee in the future, though generally I'd rather buy already colored resin.
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