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Resin Con 2008: Updates in the last post!

Sep 30, 2007

    1. Check for updates in the last post! ^_^

      NEW NEWS!
      Registration HAS BEGUN! And tickets are going FAST!! Updates and info in the last few posts. ^_^

      Resin Con 2008 is going to be held October 24th through the 26th at the Courtyard Marriott in Paducah Kentucky just off I-24!

      Friday afternoon will signify the Tea Party, Saturday there will be a special presentation and then vendor's booths open, Sunday will be workshops and fun activities for much of the day!

      Early Registration starts Feb. 14th, 2008 and will kick off with our 'Doll Lovers Special!' Anyone who purchases a badge for Resin Con may purchase a second badge of equal or lesser value for half off! For instance if you want to come Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you can buy an All Access Badge and get one for a friend or 'lover' *wink wink* for half price! (Please only one half off badge package per request). This shall only be available until March 14th. After that ticket prices will return to normal.

      -Old News-
      UPDATE! : The committee members have been chosen and applications to be a committee members will no longer be taken. Please see the latest post for a complete list of our wonderful volunteers!

      Hello one and all!

      In case you haven't heard, Resin Con 2008 is a GO!

      In order to bring more great fun to all those who attend, we're going to actually have a committee of dedicated people to help make the event a super success.

      If you are interested in being on the Resin Con 2008 Committee please submit the following information to this email address...



      DoA Screen Name:
      Phone number you can be reached:
      Email address you can be reached:
      A list of things you are willing to help out with:
      Days and times you're typically available for correspondence:
      A statement of why you'd like to help out:

      Basically if you send me your information then you are automatically put on the committee HOWEVER! the committee shall not reach over 10 members other than myself. The total shall be 11 so that if there are any ties that I can be the tie breaker with decisions. If we reach 10 people rather quickly then I will stop taking applications.

      Committee members will get discounted tickets to Resin Con, but remember, you have to actually DO something to help out. Serious applications only PLEASE.

      Thanks so much and here's to another great year!!
    2. where is the con? i'd love to help out, but i can't travel all that far from home >_<
    3. Paducah Kentucky, just like this year. See the Doll Meet-Ups board for discussions. ^^
    4. Members will be announced this weekend. Thank you all for your interest and support. ^^
    5. Resin Con 2008 Committee Members!

      I'm pleased to announce the following people who have been added to the committee next year...(in no particular order)


      And myself! TheSaint

      If there are any other people who wish to become a committee member they MUST email me before 12pm Central Standard Time Tuesday October 9th, 2007.
    6. FINAL! makeup of the 2008 Resin Con committee are as follows...(in no particular order)


      This brings the total to 9, which I believe is a fabulous number and I'm MORE then pleased.

      I was told by the person who is working on the venue situation that I should see results by this weekend. I will be sending a mass email to these people with plans for our little committee and lots of information, probably by this weekend or early next week.

      Thanks again for all the great support!
    7. what they do in the resin con? Sorry, I'm new in this ^_^
    8. Resin Con is a doll convention. Please refer to the discussion thread in the Doll Meet Ups board, or check for threads on Resin Con 2007 to see all the fun stuff that we did.

      As an update, there was a mix-up with email and so there is in fact, a tenth committee member.

      Please welcome LilTigre!
    9. Resin Con 2008 Early Registration will start Feb. 14th, 2008!

      There will be a special 'Doll Lovers Special' *on Valentine's Day get it?* for people purchasing badges of all kinds.

      Please stay tuned for further updates.

      Thanks! ^_^
    10. Yay I will definitely be there this year. I wasn't able to go last year but this year I'm determined since it is in Kentucky ^_^. Got to support a local Doll con :)

      How much will the prereg be?
    11. It will depend upon how many days and what sort of badge you want (vendor or attendee) and the special for the pre-registration is going to be, buy one pass and get the second of equal or lesser value for half price. :)

    12. First post updated with new information. Ticket prices will be announced at the start (or perhaps just before) Early Registration on Feb. 14th, 2008.

      Thank you so much everyone for your patience!!
    13. Resin Con to be held at the Courtyard just off of I-24. The dates are October 24th through the 26th, 2008. The group rate code to get hotel rooms is RSC. You should be able to use this code over the internet or by phone. The rate is $89 per night for our group.

      Registration begins February 14th (Midnight Central time, no requests will be honored if received before this) enjoy our 'Doll Lovers Special' with Valentine's Day. Early registration is set-up so that people can purchase one ticket for themselves, and a second ticket (of equal or lesser value) for half price. This special will go on until March 14th when ticket prices will return to normal.

      Tickets are as follows...

      Friday Tea Party = $15.00
      Saturday Badge = $25.00
      Sunday Badge = $20.00
      Total Package = $50.00 (savings of 10 dollars to buy all three days together)
      Dealer's Tables = $65.00
      Dealer's Full Package = $85.00 (savings of 10 dollars to buy all three days together)

      Tickets can be paid via paypal (CC or non-CC) or by money order. Tickets that are not paid for within fifteen days of registration will be canceled and put back up for sale (unless arrangements are made prior to ordering).

      Send the following information to resin_con@hotmail.com

      Real Name:
      DoA Screen Name:
      Payment method:
      Type and Number of badge(s) requested:
      (If you are a member of the committee make sure to put this information in the email as well since your ticket requests go into a different 'sorting pile' :) )

      Please be advised that these are on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS! Should a particular badge sell out, you will not be charged for it and...obviously not receive it.

      Events at Resin Con will be as follows...

      Friday Afternoon - Tea Party
      Saturday Morning - Special Surprise Guest Demonstration
      Saturday Day and Afternoon - Displays and Vendor's booths open
      Sunday Morning and Afternoon - Demonstrations and Workshops

      There will be prizes, activities, booths for taking pictures, and other such activities all weekend long.
    14. Hello again! I was informed the 3 digit code does not work when ordering online. Here is updated information for reserving rooms with the hotel online!

      Updated info on reserving rooms, copied and pasted right from the hotel manager's email!

      Happy Valentines day to you!

      I checked on the reservations and this is what you will need
      to make them online rscrscb (double bed room)
      rscrsca (king room)
      I am holding 20 of each, if one selection sells out first they will get
      a message that room type not available. There may still be rooms
      available but it would be of the other type. If you have any other
      questions or have any other problems just drop me an email.

      (Direct links to making online reservations)


      As your Marriott International Representative, I want you to know that online room reservations are now just a click away!

      Simply cut and paste any of the three links below and include with your electronic correspondence to facilitate the reservation process. Your guests will be directed to the property's home page with the code already entered in the appropriate field. All they need to do is enter their arrival date to begin the reservation process.
      Courtyard Paducah West >> ( http://marriott.com/pahcy?groupCode=rscrscb&amp;app=resvlink )
      ( http://marriott.com/pahcy?groupCode=rscrscb&amp;app=resvlink )

    15. Just to let people who are planning to attend Resin Con know...

      Registration has been going on for a total of 4 days now.

      Currently almost all of the vendor spots are GONE. If you would like to get a vendor's booth it is best to get your information in ASAP.

      Currently most of the Tea Party tickets are GONE. If you plan to attend the Tea Party on Friday please get your information in ASAP.

      Also, if you would like to do a workshop on Sunday please let me know as those slots are filling up fast as well!
    16. Some extra information for everyone!!

      Doll companies that will be present and accounted for...

      Bobobie (Through Blakrose)
      Shinydoll/BJD Fantasy/Frills & Fantasy (Through playdate)
      Mint On Card/Fantasy Doll (Through Lindsey)
      Bishounen House (Through Donn)

      Mint On Card intends to have an Open House from their hotel room and give away FREE STUFF! on Friday!

      Bishounen House has NEW DOLLS COMING OUT!

      Bobobie is helping Blakrose with a NEW MOLD!!


      Featherfall is donating prizes again this year!

      Sunday workshops to include...
      Fur Wig Sewing
      Make Something from Nothing
      Natural Dry Medium Face-ups
      Dramatic Face-ups
      Air Brushing and Painting Techniques
      Restringing and Basic Care
      Body Blushing
      Pattern Making/Sewing

      And the list keeps growing!
    17. Just to let everyone know...

      There are only 1[Edited 10:10pm 2-20-08 to reflect updated numbers] Tea Party tickets left available.

      There are only 2[Edited 10:10pm 2-20-08 to reflect updated numbers] Vendor's booths left available.

      Also, one fourth of the total number of Saturday badges and almost one third of the total number of Sunday badges available...are sold.

      I did not think it possible...but I think if things keep going like they are I may actually sell completely out way before the actual date. =S

      Also...Don't forget to make payment!! If payment is not received before 15 days after confirmation the tickets will be canceled and resold.
    18. The last vendor's table is being held for AoD US distributor. If they are unable to come it will go back up for sale but at this moment ALL vendor's booths are reserved.

      Two Tea Party tickets are being held for Moony. If they are unable to come NO MORE TEA PARTY TICKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE! The Tea Party is over-booked as it is and I will accept no more registrations that request Tea Party tickets.

      In other words...
      Vendor's booths are sold out!
      Tea Party Tickets are sold out!

      In addition HALF of the Sunday tickets are gone!
    19. Wow, I am FROM KY and would love to go to a convention there in October, it is SO gorgeous there then. Sigh..........found out too late!
    20. There are still plenty of badges left at this moment and the con isn't until October...and we do intend to do it annually from...well now on unless something happens so perhaps if not this year then next. ^^