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"Resin Hearts" Premieres in Haute Doll!!

Jan 17, 2007

    1. The March/April 2007 issue of Haute Doll is at the printer!! Mails soon to all subscribers. Our wonderful story teller and DOA contributor, Steph, starts her new “Resin Hearts” series in this issue with Aleric, Jeny and Feather. See the sparks fly as Elven Cleric, Aleric, meets Jeny.

      Plus the two Aimees offer wonderful BJD stuff! Aimee S covers two Volks events while Aimee C offers Part Two of Perfectly Posed: BJD Doll Poseability and Modification, covering the lower body! Plus Aimee C gives us a simple sueding tutorial that even I can follow.

      Next, Sherri Rhein does a wonderful feature on Xtreme Dolls’ Cristy Stone, the ultimate BJD designer --clothing, and, now, wig maker!! Meet this talented lady who works magic with her sewing machines.

      Many other articles will be of interest: American Jezebel shares a Troll Wig tutorial while Jennifer Lockhart and Karen Rowley share the wonderful, wacky world of the Pullips and we offer the first U.S. exclusive, Pullip Haute!!


      Check us out!!