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Resin Match? B&G dolls to Dollmore

Aug 19, 2009

    1. I have a white skin B&G doll, but I want to get the dollpire hands from Dollmore.

      Problem is, I don't know how white is Dollmore's white skin, since in some pictures it's stark white. My boy is fairly pale, with just a hint of yellow in the right light. On the other hand, the Normal skin color on Dollmore looks too pink.

      Let me find a good pic of my boy:


      His face


      Face + arms.


      Depending on the light and colors, he looks a bit yellow, but not too much.

      I would like to see possible comparisons between a normal skin Dollmore, and a white skin one. Thanks :D
    2. I know this is really old, but I'm bumping this up!! ~ ^^
    3. bumping!! I'm curious about this.
    4. Here's my Dollmore Kid Girl Asha in LE white resin:
      she's extremely white with no undercolor in her resin. I hope this helps you!!
    5. Here's my boy with Normal resin:

      This is in natural light (outside) on a sunny day.


      This is closest to what his resin normally looks like, I think.
      It's a kind of yellow-peachy color.

      I recently got him, so his resin hasn't yellowed.

      Hope this'll help! :)