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Resin match up, how important is it to you?

Nov 27, 2016

    1. I recently brought a body for a head and the resin match up isn't that great, though it doesn't seem to show all that much in some photos. It could probably be fixed with some body blushing, or photo editing, but I find I'm not really that fussed about it.

      Does it really annoy you when a body and head don't match resin wise? Or can you live with it?
    2. well, if you like to see your doll with beutiful delicates, it could be annoying. If your doll wears clothes, you can definitely live with it.
      As for me, I'm very sensitive to any imperfections :)
    3. Personally, I'm not too bothered anymore because l have an airbrush I can use to color match parts. Before I had it, though, I was a stickler for it! I'm picky on matches and proportions.
    4. When I was younger and didn't have an airbrush it mattered to me much more... Now I'm fine with it since i can adjust in the blushing process for face-ups, or fix it in photoshop. :)
    5. I need it to be pretty close, but i doesn't have to be perfect. I do my own faceups, and I can blush to match closer. It really only bothers me when it's very obviously different--like yellow head on pink body or red-based tan head on brown-based tan body. The proportions and fit are a bigger deal to me than the color.
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    6. I think it really depends on the parts and how closely they match. I just asked a similar question to thisnin the picture comparison threads and some people have pictures where the difference isn't too noticeable, while others it's an extreme jump. You can definitely try to match the parts, and since yo said it's not a huge difference it probably wouldn't be too hard. I think it's all personal preference really. If it doesn't bother you then who cares. If other people are bothered by your pictures they definitely have the option to not look at them :)
    7. I'd say yes, I would be bothered by a mis-match in resin parts if the tones are different as @CloakedSchemer mentioned.
      I don't mind otherwise if the resin is slightly lighter or darker as long as it's the same tone. As long as it's barely noticeable to the naked eye and in most lighting situations, it's cool for me.

      My dolls are all pretty layered up with clothes so technically a resin mis-match wouldn't be noticeable but IIIIIIIIIII'ddddd know:roll:.... I don't have the skill to do face-ups and bushing to blend mis-matches, so typically I try to be a little more particular from the start if I need to hybrid. :3nodding:
    8. I'm fairly new to BJD's and I don't do, or can't foresee me doing, hybrids so mismatching isn't likely to be a problem. However if I was to buy a used one a mismatch would bother me and I don't think I could live with it unless the tones were very close.
    9. I thought it would bother me as I'm a bit of a perfectionist, but I ended up with mismatched resin unintentionally, from ordering a dollzone head and body at different times (both in 'pink') Fortunately the head had a very 'pink' faceup by dollzone, and with the shadow cast by a wig too, the difference wasn't noticeable. So I got bolder after that experience, and although I wouldn't want to put pink or yellow together, or with white, the varying shades of 'normal' and 'pink' don't bother me too much as it isn't too noticeable once you have wig and faceup, depending on the lighting. My 'normal' Agaki Ban head/Impldoll idol 'pink' girl body is a mismatch, but it doesn't bother me - my own face is a different colour to my neck after all :whee:
    10. I never thought I would deal with hybrids - even dreaded the thought of trying to perfectly match resin from different companies, as I tend to be pretty persnickety when it comes to details like that. However, after purchasing a MerryDollRound head, I've started hunting for a body to match. Now that I think about it, I guess it wouldn't peeve me as much as I originally thought if the matching is a little off - I really worry more about the quality and shape of the body... which I tend to be even more fussy over :'D
    11. Almost every single one of my doll is a hybrid of some sort, so I've learned to deal with mis-matched resin. Honestly, over the years I've found that unless it's something glaringly obvious, I really can't be too fussed with it. Once a face-up and wig are in place (not to mention I prefer my dolls to wear clothing that is more modest/high neck), I find it's really not very noticeable.

      I think if it were on a part such as mis-matched hands or leg/feet parts I would be more annoyed and would try to avoid such types of hybrid, but a general head/body being slightly off has ceased to irritate me.
    12. Like many above me have said, I don't mind if it's slight. But a white face with a pink body would bother me a lot. It just doesn't really make sense in my ideas for my dolls.
    13. It bothers me a lot if they aren't a near perfect match. Even the change in color from the sealant on face-ups bothers me. That's why I don't do hybrids.
    14. I didn't think it would, until...it did. Each time I tried to create a hybrid, it bothered me even if it was an almost exact match. I think maybe because I knew it didn't match, whenever I looked at the doll my eye would seek out the difference^^;; But at least now I know to purchase full dolls from the beginning.
    15. When I first considered buying my dolls, I didn't plan on hybridizing anything cuz I was worried about resin mismatches; however, there are other things that bother more that have pushed me to plan a hybrid for one of my characters. The jointing system is a greater concern for me, thats why I'm going to attempt a DikaDoll and Spiritdoll hybrid-- I find the knee and elbow joints of the Spiritdoll body more aesthetically pleasing when folded. That being said, I really want the match to be as close as possible, so I'm doing my research and asking questions here :) Like Crimsoncat, I'm bothered even by the difference between sealed and unsealed parts of the doll (it looks kind of shiny unblushed?) :sweat But who knows, maybe when I actually have the doll in my hands I won't be as bothered? Body blushing does wonders, so there's always that too...
    16. Since real people seldom have exactly the same skintone on their faces as on the rest of their bodies, it doesn't bother me at all - it looks more natural as far as I'm concerned.

    17. What @elve and @Teddy said - humans don't look the same all over, so I'm not too fussed about my dolls.
      I do try and get the hands to match the face. I have a couple of dolls who have head and hands from the same company, and the body of another. With Timmy it was more of a mobility thing as he is on an old Miro body with the oval wrist joints, but if possible I try and get hands and faces to match. I don't mind the rest of the body that much as they're mostly clothed anyway.
    18. i dont have much experience with dolls yet, but id say it would bother me a bit, being the absolute perfectionist that i am. i think a slight variation wouldnt matter, as the dolls would be mostly covered with clothing anyway, but anything glaring would no doubt annoy me. im not interested in body blushing, so ill just have to have perfect to near-perfect resin matches for any future dolls i get! one of the only problems with hybriding, for me! ;;
    19. I prefer to match as closely as possible. If it's just a minor difference I can live with it, but if it's pretty obvious even when fully clothed, it bugs the hell out of me. I bought a pair of heeled feet for one of my girls and it was pretty obvious the feet are more yellow than her body (like, it looks like the feet themselves had actually yellowed, even though I bought them brand new). I still use them, I just keep them covered in stockings so you can't actually see they don't match, because as much as the color bugs me, the doll's original big, clownish flat feet bug me even more. lol The doll is gorgeous but the sculptor I have to admit does not sculpt hands and feet very realistically. They're very cartoonish-looking.

      Hands, forget it. I'd love to get a nicer pair of hands for this girl, too, but if I can't find an exact match in color, she'll have to make due with her clunky defaults.
    20. Most of my dolls have ended up being hybrids, and I've found that slight resin mismatches don't bother me a whole lot, the right body proportions for certain characters is a higher priority. The lighting in my bedroom where the dolls are displayed isn't very bright, but in both natural and artificial light the colour matches are close enough to satisfy me. Most of my dolls have a mellowed normal skin tone so they're quite similar already. When I ran into the issue of hybriding a yellower-toned head onto a pinker-toned body, I just blushed the head with white and pink pastels. As others have said, with the wig and clothes on it is usually not very noticeable.