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Resin matches for Souldkid and Minifee?

Jan 13, 2008

    1. I was wondering about which companies have resin matches to Soulkids.
      I also wanted to know about resin matches to Minifees.

      If anyone has any answers that would be great and pictures would be amazing.

    2. I'm interested in soulkids resin matches to :D
    3. You probably should look through and search this Gallery section where resin matches and comparisons are posted:

      And if you want to have a decent chance of the right people looking at this thread, edit your post title so it is specific. (advanced edit the first post to change thread title)

    4. i received few month ago(2 or 3) a soulkid body for a more older kid delf head ( i buy it on the "second hand "maket....i don' know exactly ) the souldoll color is just a little bit "pinker" than luts one ...but i will do my best with the make up soon the differnce is not very important...
      i will shoot it if you want
    5. @Lyderic Yes. I'd love to see a photo.

      @CarolynThanks. That was a helpful section to look through.