Event Resin Rose BJD Expo 2017: Registration now open...

Aug 28, 2016

    1. Resin Rose BJD Expo returns on August 11-13th, 2017. This year's theme...Video Games!
      Yes, it is happening again! Registration is live and the room block is open for reservation. What do you need to know to plan your attendance at, this, our third annual event? That is why I am here...

      Registration Rates:
      • Early Signups: (now through December 31st*)
      • 3 day membership including banquet $59
      • 2 day membership $34
      • 1 day membership $24 (Saturday or Sunday)
      (*You can register in the new year, but the price bumps up. This is the Early Bird special.)

      Hotel Room Block Information:
      • Monarch Hotel and Conference Center Clackamas, Oregon.
      • Room rates - plus a 7.8% room tax (tax subject to change)
      • Singles / double rooms will be $129
      • Triples $139
      • Quads $149
      • Suites (not including connecting room) $179
      • All of the rooms have refrigerators.
      For Vendors:
      • Packages starting from $155 (Early Bird)
      • Additional tables available
      • Shared Table packages
      • Banquet upgrades
      • Food delivery (from hotel restaurant)

      Do you need to get registered? Get your rooms booked? Sign up as a vendor? Need any extra details? Come visit our site and we'll get you set up. Resin Rose BJD Expo

      There is a discussion thread here!
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    2. We've had a few problems with our forms working on our website. If anyone sending in their registration or applies to be a vendor and doesn't hear back within 24 hours please email us at resinrosebjdexpo (at) gmail (dot) com - remove spaces and () and add the .
    3. One month left until Early Bird rates end on Vendor Tables and Preregistration.
      You will still be able to register after Jan 1st but the prices will be increasing.

      To Register visit our website: Resinrosebjd.com