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Event Resin Rose BJD Expo 2017 (update)

Jan 3, 2017

    1. Resin Rose BJD Expo returns on August 11-13th, 2017. This year's theme...Video Games!
      Special update! We have extended our original early bird pricing through the end of March. That ends today.

      Through the end of March:

      3 day membership including banquet $59 (less than 20 seats left)
      2 day membership $34
      1 day membership $24 (Saturday or Sunday)

      Membership Registration Pricing (after March 31st):

      3 day membership including banquet $69
      2 day membership $39
      1 day membership $29 (Saturday or Sunday)

      At the door:
      2 day membership $49
      1 day membership Saturday $34
      1/2 day membership Sunday - Vendor Hall access only $15.00

      Banquet only pass $35
      SWAP space $10 (Saturday evening after the close of the vendor's hall.)

      Hotel Room Block Information:
      • Monarch Hotel and Conference Center Clackamas, Oregon.
      • Room rates - plus a 7.8% room tax (tax subject to change)
      • Singles / double rooms will be $129
      • Triples $139
      • Quads $149
      • Suites (not including connecting room) $179
      • All of the rooms have refrigerators.
      Do you need to get registered? Get your rooms booked? Sign up as a vendor? Need any extra details? Come visit our site and we'll get you set up. Resin Rose BJD Expo

      There is a discussion thread here!
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    2. Resin Rose is rolling back its Preregistration and Vendor Registration Prices for the month of March. Take advantage of our early bird prices while you can.

      Pre-registration prices-

      3 day membership including banquet $59
      2 day membership $34
      1 day membership $24 (Saturday or Sunday)

      Vendor Booths start at $155.00

      You can preregister on our website by filling out and emailing the PDF and using the paypal checkout Member Registration

      Vendors can preregister here- Vendor Registration
      Layaway for vendor booths is still available for a limited amount of time.

      If you have any problems with the forms or have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected] and we should be able to answer your questions within 24 hours.

      and our 2017 logo
    3. Coloring Book Page Contest
      Introducing the first ever Resin Rose coloring book contest! We're looking for BJD themed line art to fill the pages of free coloring books for a fun activity at our convention. Winners will be featured in the coloring book, our website, and social media, as well as have a chance to win some great prizes. All art work must be entirely your original work.
      Entries will be accepted until April 9th, 2017.
      Please read all the contest rules and send us your favorite dolly line art!
      To enter the contest send all entries to the email address: [email protected]
      You may enter as many times as you want but you can only win a maximum of one prize.
      1st place- One day pass to Resin Rose (Your choice of day) + One Exclusive Resin Rose Wig of your choice + a Resin Rose Eco Bag.
      2nd place- One Exclusive Resin Rose Wig of your choice + a Resin Rose Eco Bag
      3rd place- Resin Rose Dollcade T-shirt + Resin Rose Eco Bag
      Honorable Mentions- Resin Rose Eco Bag.

      To learn more, please follow this link.