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Event Resin Rose BJD Expo: August 2019 [Clackamas, Oregon]

Sep 15, 2018

      • Resin Rose BJD Expo returns on August 16th-18th, 2019. This year's theme...Haunted Dolls!
      • We remain at the Monarch Hotel, in Clackamas, Oregon (just outside of Portland).
      • Registration is live and the room block is open for reservation. What do you need to know to plan your attendance at, this, our fifth annual event? Keep reading...

      Registration Rates:
      • Early Signups: (now through January 15th)
      • 3 day membership including banquet $63
      • 2 day membership $38
      • 1 day membership $28 (Saturday or Sunday)

      • January 16th and beyond
      • 3 day membership including banquet $73
      • 2 day membership $43
      • 1 day membership $33

      • At the door:
      • 2 day membership $53
      • 1 day membership Saturday $38
      • 1 day membership Sunday $38
      • 1/2 day membership Sunday - Vendor Hall access only $15.00

      Hotel Room Block Information:
      • 2019 Room rates - plus a 7.8% room tax
      • Singles / double rooms will be $139
      • Triples $149
      • Quads $159
      • Suites (not including connecting room) $189
      • All of the rooms have refrigerators.

      For Vendors:
      • Basic Table Options: (Early Bird Pricing. Prices increase January 15th)
      • 6’ x 30" Full size table - $159 (regular $173). Includes Friday set up and Two 2-day passes (limit 2 seats per table)
      • Extra Table - $50 (no additional passes)
      • Extra Table with one 2-day Pass $88
      • Extra Table with two 2-day passes $122
      • Two and Three table specials available for grouped vendors!

      Do you need to get registered? Get your rooms booked? Sign up as a vendor? Need any extra details? Come visit our site and we'll get you set up. Resin Rose BJD Expo

      There is a discussion thread here!
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      Last edited: Sep 17, 2018
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    1. Pssst, I think you mistyped the January 16th and beyond pricing. :) I'm guessing that the (regular price) it the actual price? Just trying to help.
    2. @wrenbe Nice spot! That you much. Corrections have been made.
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    3. where is the Resin Rose Expo?
    4. It's being held in Clackamas, Oregon. The details can be found at the link (Resin Rose BJD Expo).
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    5. Thank you.
    6. Vendor Tables are going fast. We only have 7 left.

      We are contracted to get 32 tables for vendors from the hotel (not including the staff vendor tables, registration, RR Tables and raffle tables). This is what we have had for the last 2 years at the Monarch.

      We are going to work to try and secure more tables from the hotel if we run out but we are unsure at this time if we will be able to and how many we will be able to get.

      If you would like to sign up for Resin Rose 2019, you can find more information on our website:

      or you can contact us at [email protected]

      We are happy to do a 4 month lay away to anyone that is interested.
    7. The original batch of vendor tables has officially sold out!
      We were able to rent more tables, from a third party, to expand the vendor spots. However, physical space is a limitation we can't outsource. If you are interested in vending at Resin Rose in 2019, please register sooner, as there may not be a later this year.
      Follow this link to find out more!
    8. Of the second group of vendor tables, only two remain. Because of space restrictions, we will be unable to expand again. If you to want to vend in 2019, please sign up now. Layaway is an option. Follow this link to learn more.
    9. There has been a large scale floor plan change with the possibility of more vendor tables!
      Due to the overwhelming interest from vendors, we took it apart and have two possible alternate plans. We have a Waiting List for interested vendors that don't have a table yet. Depending on those results, we will know which alternate plan to use. This list is open until January 15 (the same close date as Early Bird pricing and the Coloring Book art contest).
      Vendor details here.
      Membership Registration is here.
      Coloring Book contest can be found here.