Event Resin Rose BJD Expo: August 2020 in Clackamas, Oregon

Sep 10, 2019

    1. Resin Rose BJD Expo is returning on 2020 with a Fairytale theme. Planning has already started and the dates are set with the venue. You can visit our website for all the details, but the following is the outline...

      When: August 14-16 2020
      Where: Monarch Hotel in Clackamas, Oregon (Just outside of Portland)
      Theme: Fairytales and Folklore (any country of origin is fair game!)

      Attendee Rates:
      Early Bird (closed)
      3-day $69
      2 day- $44
      1-day (Saturday or Sunday) $34

      After 01.15.20
      3-day $79
      2 day- $49
      1-day $39

      At the Door
      2 day- $59
      1-day $44

      (Saturday Swap spaces are $10 extra)

      Our original allocation of Vendor Tables are sold out! We are working with the venue to add more. A wait list for potential vendors has been opened.
      Vendor Rates:
      Early Bird (from 09.15.19 to 01.15.20)
      Packages start at $174

      After 01.15.20
      Packages start at $189.
      Tables are 6’ x 30" and a basic Vendor Table include two 2-day passes. There are packages for extra tables, vendors that wish to share tables, and several other possible upgrades. (Click here for all the details.)

      A discussion thread has been opened here!
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    2. Registration is now open for preregistration and vendors :)

      Our Coloring Book Contest has now started too.
      See our website for all the rules 2020 Coloring Book Contest
    3. Early Bird Registration and Vendor Wait list Registration at early bird prices ends on January 15th.
      Tickets will be the regular prices after this date.

      Coloring Book contest entries are due by January 15th, 2020.
    4. Early Bird Registration ends on the 15th (9 days left) Prices will increase after that date-
      3-day $79
      2 day- $49
      1-day $39

      Vendor Registration wait list closes on the 15th.

      Coloring Book Contest entries are due by January 15th.
    5. Peaks Woods will be joining us as our special guest for Resin Rose this year.
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