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Resin Soul Mini jointed hands (MSD or 1/4)

Feb 3, 2018

    1. Now that resin soul has both male and female hands released for MSD I wanted to start a thread for general resin matches and reviews :blush
      Right now these hands seem to be the cheapest ones I've seen personally (please correct me if I'm wrong) and the most solid review is the Video by oneclay on youtube. :thumbup
      So if anyone has them and has matched them to dolls from other companies, please post photos here?
      What are the cons and pros?
      Personally, I'm doubtful with how large the ball joint on the wrist is- it seems like it can cause problems. :aeyepop:
      If this is in the wrong section I apologize. Hope that the admins will not have a hard time relocating this thread :abow:
    2. Bumping because I'm interested in these hands too. But they seem to be really big for slim MSDs. Resinsoul site states that these hands are more than 5cm in length while most of slim msd hands are about 4 cm.
      Maybe these hands will fit to msd boys who are about 44-48cm tall and are not skinny.
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    3. Ordered a pair of Female MSD hands in normal colour- it will probably be mid-December or early January when I get them (Angelesque is putting its order through at the end of October and it takes them a month to make the hands) I will post pictures when I get them
    4. @SweetTea it will be interesting to see :)
      I am thinking (not sure) to buy these hands for 46cm boy but anyway they won't arrive sooner than yours
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    5. I own a pair of the female Resinsoul 1/4 hands in NS. They are a very pale pink color, about as light as Dollshe Fresh, but more pink (Fresh is more creamy). I have heard that Resinsoul NS matches DIM Pink skin very well, but can't confirm that.

      I also don't have any doll bodies to try these hands on, but I can say that they are a tiny bit over 5cm from the end of the ball to the tip of the longest finger. The ones I have are brand new, and they are very snappy! They don't want to stay open - they snap shut. So I would plan on wiring them, because I don't think they will hold most poses well on their own. The wrist ball might be large for some arms - but, on the other hand, the ball itself seems to have thick enough walls that it could possibly be sanded smaller.

      I think they are beautiful hands. The fingers are nice and slim, and they look natural in different positions.

      I compared them to my aGatti guy's hands (he is a mature MSD of about 48cm). They are smaller and look very feminine next to his hands. His sculpt is very realistic and mature, though - he looks more like an action figure than most MSDs.

      Also, I originally bought these hands for a Bimong Dandelion 7" head hybrid (I don't have the body yet). In my opinion they are a little too small to work with her face/head proportions.

      I hope this helps!
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    6. @StellaMarigold Thank you! It's nice to know that they look good!
      oh gosh! I'm scared now! Bibi is so yellow even though she is Mystic Kids Normal skin
    7. You're welcome!

      The hands are very pale, so I think you could blush them and make them more yellow. You could also possibly dye them or stain them, and some people will "force yellow" resin by placing it in the sun for a while - but you would want to turn the hands over often to avoid uneven yellowing.

      [​IMG]P1190767 by StellaMarigoldArt, on Flickr

      The difference in size is a bit more exaggerated in the photo than in real life. In real life, the head doesn't look quite as large next to these hands.
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    8. @StellaMarigold thank you! Any information about it is interesting to me
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    9. I have a pair of these. They are nice and slender in the fingers but the wrist balls are quite large. Far too large for the Dear Mine Angela I wanted them for.
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    10. I've just took participation in collective ordering to Resinsoul (which is helded in local russian site) and ordered MSD female jointed hands. I don't think I will get them soon but when it will happens I will make some comparison photos :)
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    11. I've just been informed that Angelesque is shipping them out tonight so I might get them by the end of this week (Saturday if lucky) or next week! I'll probably do a youtube review
      #11 SweetTea, Nov 7, 2018
      Last edited: Nov 8, 2018
    12. They have arrived! and they are so dainty!
      So The colour is a bit off and I'm taking @StellaMarigold 's advice on yellowing. They are currently lying in front of my window. The S-hook they were sent with will not work as the space inside the arm is VERY thin (You can barely see the s-hook on the second photo- that's how thin it is) so now I need to find one that will fit... and BIBI GOT DAMAGED! It's hard to see (Last photo) but I know it's there so it upsets me (She has scratches on the edge of her wrist)
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    13. @SweetTea - I'm so glad they arrived safely! I'm sorry your doll got some scratches - but you can probably easily sand them out, even with one of those "magic eraser" type things.

      Mine didn't come with S-hooks - but I hope you can find some that fit better.

      Be careful with putting the hands in the sun - I know I mentioned it, and I've heard of other people doing that to yellow pink resin, but make sure to watch them carefully and to change their position so they don't get yellowed on one side or not in between the fingers, etc. A little blushing (pastels/etc. on sealed resin just like when doing a faceup) can also help mellow the color.

      Good luck!
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    14. @StellaMarigold Thank you- so I'll probably need to pose them to get into the joints. The s-hook is proving to be a challenge... the type I need isn't common and I don't want it shipped from the USA- it's just so expensive.

      I don't know about blushing for now... I don't have access to the right materials or the money to send her in for body blushing which would probably do the trick.
    15. You're welcome! I have never tried to yellow resin with the sun before, but I think you would want to change the position frequently, turn them over and around, move the fingers, etc.

      You might be able to make S-hooks if you have access to some strong wire? This might be a good question to ask the Customization forum. I have heard of people making them for difficult parts.

      I understand about not having materials for blushing! I don't have any either - I'll have to save for them.
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    16. @SweetTea wow, they arrived... in one day? Really fast! What do you think about their size? Are they big or not in comparison with another MSDs hands?
      Sanding scratches is not that hard :)
    17. @silent it's because the dealer got them to the UK so they were only shipped from one city to another- I like the size- slightly bigger than her original hands but they are slim so they just look a little more mature.
    18. Does anyone know if there is a big different in hand proportions between the boy and girl hands? There aren't any comparison pictures on the website that I can find and wanted to know what they looked like not just from the side, but face (or hand) on. Thinking of using them as a hybrid with the Dream Valley B4-04 body. Thank you :XD:
    19. I ordered a pair of RS mini hands but I ordered them and two bodies in what I hope will be a resin match to Fairyland. I found the closest thing to FL color on the pantone site (I went from paint chip to HTML notation then put that number on the website. It gave me several pantone color choices and i chose what I thought would be best. From there, ResinSoul is able to match a pantone color number. We'll see how that works out when I try to put my mnf heads on them :D
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    20. Okay so anyone else notice these hands don't fit ResinSoul's own MSD dolls? I got some to go with the Rong body and they just dont fit what so ever. They are too big, so the wrist joint doesn't hold any sort of posing at all.