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Resin Soul shoes...

Apr 24, 2009

    1. I'm not sure this has been asked...

      I wonder if people think I'm going psycho with talking about Resin Soul Mei. And I've always felt that shoes can be left out for a while, since I don't feel covering you doll's feet is as much of an issue as the body.

      Anyway, I'm not just asking for Mei, but other Resin Soul dolls. Anyone know where the best shoes can be found for them?
    2. I've got most of my shoes for my RS/BBB dolls from Mimi Collection/Mimi Woo or Releaserain on eBay since they list they internal lenght of the shoes, which makes it much easier to get good (and even perfect) fitting shoes.
    3. What exactly is the foot size?
    4. According to the RS site the foot length for the Minis are:

      Jun, An, Song 5.5cm

      Ju, Mei, Lu, Lan 5.2cm
    5. Lan fits Dale Rae shoes (from Denver Dolls Emporium) perfectly - the flats and the canvas with the little straps are the ones I have for my Lans - but I intend to try the pumps.
    6. Thanks, everyone for the help! Keep your replies coming!

      I looked on the Denver Doll site at the shoes, and notice the MSD size shoes are 5.5-6cm. If Mei's foot is supposed to be 5.2cm, like what dolls&tea said, does .3cm make a big difference, or is there more to that, like width differences?
    7. BBB Espree has slightly larger feet at 5.5cm and I've got shoes that look okay that are upto 6cm. However the larger they are the better they look with socks.

      With boots I've gone upto 1cm larger.
    8. the ones that fit are the DaleRae shoes made for Narae. They fit perfectly with thin stockings, or add the foam insoles for a snug fit on bare feet. (I don't know why these are labeled "msd" they only fit slim-minis like narae with narrow feet)
      Goodreau shoes are also a perfect fit.