Resin wig trend?

Nov 6, 2020

    1. I did a quick search for this and didn't see it

      Has anyone noticed a trend for resin wigs? I personally really like them and think they're cool. I have Niko from ShouShou coming in who has one.
      But I heard one of the reasons Niko was discontinued was because the wig was difficult to make? My friend heard it from a company she ordered Niko through. If that's true, do you think the resin wigs are worth it? Why do you think the trend is taking off? I don't see it everywhere, but I am seeing it more
    2. I’ve noticed resin wigs are getting more popular with smaller independent artists, and I think it’s also related to the rise of more 2D/anime style dolls like SQ Labs, 2D Doll, Anifee line from Fairyland… It feels like anime-style is the hot thing. Resin wigs goes very well with that aesthetic, and it makes them look even more like anime figures, but posable. A lot of figure companies are getting into having more doll-like features, like the nendoroid doll bodies and fabric clothing, so the blending is kind of coming from both sides.

      As for whether the resin wigs as a category are ‘worth it’, I don’t think so. They won’t catch on outside of being part of a fullset for a specific doll – it’s just too hard to make a rigid wig that will fit multiple dolls unless the dolls are all the same standard head size, and the hair pieces are usually very sculpted and have lots of undercuts that make them hard to cast. I can’t see it being economical to offer resin wigs by themselves like an option part.
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    3. I've noticed the resin wig trend as well and I personally don't like them when they mimic human hair per say, but I hope the popularity grows because it might mean we see more monster horns and monstrous wigs, i.e like snake/medusa hair. I think resin wigs work really well for that effect and since there's only really 2 doll models with snake-hair wigs (DLace's Medusa and Sugarble's Mirror).
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    4. I think they're super cute on anime-style dolls. It fits that figure-> action figure-> doll range of styles. I can imagine them being difficult to cast in a single piece. I'd assume it's easier if they did a two-piece hairdo, like a Nendoroid or Figma, and attach it with blunt pegs and magnets around the head.
      But I agree with @DigiSpooks, it'd be too hard to make them "universal" due to all sculpts having different head shapes and sizes, even if the wig measurement size is the same.
    5. I guess it would depend on the doll as a whole and if the resin wig actually looked cool, like if it were clear.
      I don't want resin dolls that look like anime figures
    6. I'm not as much into anime dolls, or resin in place of hair. I can see it for effects though, like translucent fire hair (which sounds cool).
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    7. There’s a third—Simply Divine Medusa Valentina.
      [​IMG]Tall girl comparisons! by Indifferent Red, on Flickr

      One thing I really want to see is almost crystalline “hair” like the inside of a geode. I think that would be so pretty in either transparent or translucent resin
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    8. @Chameleon thank you for letting me know about this one! Didn't know she existed, that's pretty cool. Translucent resin geode hair would look pretty cool...a doll that has translucent geode parts including hair would be really fun to see.
    9. You’re so welcome!!!

      I’d love to see one with the hair, and then with crystalline inclusions throughout her body, which I’m definitely thinking on how to make right now... the easiest way would be to get transparent parts, and then paint over except in select areas, so the “crystalline” resin shows. You could build up a rocky texture around those patches too, and it would look super cool!