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Resin yellowing: Paranoia!

Oct 27, 2010

    1. Whereas this does partially relate to aesthetics, I feel like it's more of a topic for 'general discussion,' since I'm not really wanting to know techniques for dealing with it or prevention. (Sorry if I should have put this in aesthetics instead, mods!)

      I've never really taken my dolls outside much since I am paranoid of their resin yellowing prematurely. With one of my new girls coming though, I just feel like I really, really want to take her outside to photograph as well as just taking her on outings with me. Of course since I am paranoid, I am wondering how good of an idea this is.

      Still, I know a lot of people take their dolls places with them.

      I know it's possible to avoid yellowing sooner by lessening exposure to sunlight, but am I being overly paranoid about being concerned about this? I suppose I could just take my dolls with me places and only take them out of their carrier if I'm going to take a photo, but when I think of this I wonder why I would take one out at all?

      For those of you that do take your dolls out a lot - do you hold them in your arms even if you're walking around outside (I'd like to take my girl to Disney with me in a few months, but again, paranoia!), or do you store them in a carrier and only take them out for photos?

      Edit: Thanks for the responses. I'm not worried about taking my dolls out anymore. If anyone else is feeling concerned about this though, I encourage you to read the responses I've gotten here as well as search through DoA on the yellowing topic.
    2. You might feel more reassured if you look at this thread in Picture Requests:

      Not many hideous bright-yellow dolls there, hm? ;) And the dolls in the pictures date back to 1999.

      I can't speak for the other dolls in that thread, but mine certainly haven't been shrouded away in darkness; they sit in the living room, and probably get as much UV light through the windows as I do in the course of a day. Right now I only take them out in direct sunlight for occasional photoshoots and meetups--but if I felt like it, I certainly wouldn't hesitate to tote them around wherever I pleased. Would I leave them lying outside all day in high summer? No, but then I've always liked to take decent care of my toys.

      While there might be some gentle allover "mellowing" that I can't see, only three of my dolls have changed color in any noticeable way. One is French resin, one came to me in the first place with a body several shades darker than the head, and one has faded from a pinkish tone to a creamy one that I actually like better.

      I really think you are worrying more than you need to. And there's one more thing to keep in mind: some color change is natural to the resin that BJDs are made from. Human beings change over time, too.
    3. Some dolls yellow faster than others. It's most likely not going to yellow if you take it out once to take pictures.
      Personally I think you might be a bit paranoid, but that's because I'm not scared of a bit of yellowing xD
      Yellowing often happens in a graduate way, so you won't even notice untill you put them next to a brand new doll. Your dolls might have already yellowed.
      My curtains are nearly never open, and still they manage to yellow. No clue how they do that.
      Obviously some kind of prevention isn't bad, but it shouldn't interfere with the things you want to do. For instance, if you want to take your doll to Disney, by all means do. You can get a carrier to carry him/her in, because with alot of people around you might not even want them to be out all the time. It's also just safer for other reasons.
    4. I'm more paranoid about my white skin boy, he's already yellowed a tad but I prefer to say he's mellowed. He's still white skinned, he just has a yellow undertone that actually looks really good and actually works for his character. I'm a bit more cautious still about him. I don't carry him with me as much as I do my NS boy who I haven't noticed any yellowing at all (Though his NS is fairly on the yellow side to begin with so I doubt I'd truly notice really).

      Before I really got my dolls I was more paranoid than I am now to be truthful. I decided really I'm not going to hide them away, but allow myself to enjoy them how I want. I've seen some dolls in person in various degrees of yellow.. one very yellow even and I can see myself liking them when yellow as much as when they weren't. I kind of look at it as them making their own character as they go along. I doubt it'd bother me too much.

      I'm just a tad bit more paranoid with the WS because they show yellowing more and since I noticed Jat had mellowed some I haven't really taken him out since.. but it's in part that I'm redoing his face up! xD I didn't like the overall look to him and wanted to change his skin tone a tad.. so that's more the reason rather than paranoid about him yellowing more. xD
    5. I'm mostly paranoid about it being uneven. I didn't really care until I noticed my boy's hands are a slightly different color from his chest. It's almost unnoticeable but I started being more careful with him and sunlight after that. He still moves about the house with me, whether the shades are drawn or not, but now I pick shady places to sit him, and carry a cover with me when I take him outside.
    6. I am super paranoid about yellowing, despite having been in the hobby for a few years. To counter my fear, I usually only take my dolls out on cloudy days for photographs. Cloudy days are better for photograhpy anyway!
    7. Air, heat. Basically to completely avoid the aging process, your doll would have to be in some sort of dark box that is a vaccum.

      To the OP - Dolls yellow, and as long as you're not leaving them out in direct sunlight all the time, this is a gradual process, and taking your doll out for a small outdoor shoot will not affect it in any major way. :)
    8. I very often bring one or more of my dolls to work with me where there is an abundance of natural light. I haven't noticed any yellowing, just a bit of "mellowing" that is natural to the resin in light or not. The only doll I own that has noticably yellowed is my Bobobie tiny who is (or was) a whiteskin. She's a soft shade of yellow now, which actually allows her features to show up better in photographs.

      I have taken a doll to Disneyland, actually, and it's a lot of fun! Your doll isn't likely to yellow from the occassional outing, or even frequent ones except with a great deal of exposure. And if worse comes to worse, you can lightly sand the doll to remove the yellow or replace the parts. Enjoy your dolls!
    9. I think it's paranoia when it prevents you from enjoying your doll to the fullest - I never understood why people have dolls when they just suffer about them - they are for fun, for you to do whatever you want, and while a healthy amount of precaution is always nice to insure their longevity (like putting them in the shade/away when not playing with them...not leaving them out in direct sunlight when not needed etc.) being paranoid and avoiding things you want to do is just depriving you from enjoyment that the doll should bring to you...

      I bet you didn't pay so much money for a new worry - you paid it to get a new source of fun!
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    10. I'm not concerned about my dolls yellowing, I just feel like it adds some depth to the resin. It's a natural process, so I feel like if I got paranoid about it, it still wouldn't keep it from happening. As long as my dolls still look good to me, then everything is fine in my opinion. :)
    11. That is alittle much to be worried over. I take my doll out constantly for outdoor photoshoots (I think we've had 5-6 just in the past month alone) and I haven't noticed any difference in her color and when I'm not messing with her she sits in my doll cabinet which is in a cool dark corner in my room. As long as you don't leave your doll out there for hours and days on end in the hot sun, it should be fine. If you're still scared try doing photoshoots at Sun up or Sun down out of the direct light. It lends some nice shadows to your photographs.
    12. An outdoor photoshoot once in a while shouldn't cause any kind of dramatic yellowing-so I think you'll be fine :) If you find, you're worried about them, go ahead and take them in your carrier-it'll provide you a little extra piece of mind and, if you're planning to take them to Disney, it'll be a safer way to carry them when navigating your way through crowds.
    13. I'm not super worried about yellowing - in fact I find alot of dolls mellow out nicely with age and the bit of yellowing gives them a more natural looking skin colour to me. I keep my dolls boxed when I'm not home, keep the curtains drawn most of the time when they're out - but I'll still take them outside for photoshoots if I so feel like it. I don't generally take my dolls out and about because I see no point in it for myself - but if I'm at a convention or a doll meet I will carry them in my arms to a degree. I find a bag is usually easier/safer though anyway.
      So when it's convenient I do little things to limit exposure to the sun that may speed up the process but otherwise I do whatever I want.
    14. Thanks for all the responses, everyone.

      I really do feel a lot better about the whole yellowing paranoia after reading what everyone had to say. ^^

      I'm going to do just what I want, which is take my new girl (when she comes home) with me to Disney and out and about once and awhile. <3
    15. I'm not worried at all. Sometimes it even makes their skintone nicer with age :)
      White Skinned dolls will yellow faster then normal skin, so if you're really paranoid normal skin is probably better to go with.
      The only uneven yellowing I've ever seen was on a white skinned doll.
    16. You're overly paranoid. You can always unstring the dolls and put them in Oxyclean, or sand off the very topmost layer if they get yellow and you hate it.

      Really, the only true yellowing problems are with French resin. I've seen banana colour on some of those.

      I have an MSD from back when Volks was first producing them and she's been everywhere. She looks...rather Asian in skintone. *shrug* She's probably my yellowest doll, but it isn't a big thing.
    17. Well, I got my three dolls sitting here in my room, getting plenty of sunlight - not direct, mind you, but still. As for Luken, my Unidoll Ark, he's yellowing to a really nice ivory colour. In fact, I didn't notice any yellowing at all, since it happened so gradually and evenly, until I bought him a new pair of long-nailed hands from Unidoll.

      The yellowing's much more obvious with Morgan, my EID Akando. But I don't mind that at all. Cos, to be honest, his original skin colour (NS) was just a bit TOO pink for my taste. If anything, I'm kinda paranoid about greening with him. *lol* Sometimes, I seem to detect a greenish tinge to his fingers or the tip of his nose. But, well, never mind. I love him too much to really care. :D Same goes for Luken. And Celaran - well, he hasn't been around long enough, yet, to yellow a lot.
    18. Resin yellowing is inevitable and it happen sooner or later. While I'm not paranoid about it, I still want to prevent it as much as I can. I usually store my girls in a cooler area of my room in a box when I am not playing with them or taking their pictures. Some of my friends have their dolls out most of the time, but for me, I just take them out for when I want to enjoy the hobby. I do take them out to meets, which is in a sort of indoors/outdoors area (kind of looks like a greenhouse) but there's no direct sunlight, so it doesn't bother me. I would be okay with putting my girls out in direct sunlight for a short while to take pictures, but that's about it, and I don't do much outdoor photo shoots anyway. I wouldn't take them around in crowded places - not because of sun/air exposure, but just because it's bothersome to me to carry around a doll in my arms all day lol

      As other said, I don't mind yellowing as long as it's to a nice color and it's even. It's such a gradual process that unless you compare with other dolls, it's not that noticeable. But if the yellowing gets to the point that it bothers me or doesn't fit into my aesthetics, I might reshell them (depending on their mold availability).
    19. I live in very bright, very hot Arizona! And even I don't worry about it. Each of my dolls has at least one elaborate display space that they "live" in (some even have 2 spaces for a change of pace...that's how spoiled they are!):doh So they're out on display in my home 24/7 and never boxed away. But given the heat of where I live, I started off not worrying about yellowing since I knew that heat alone could affect them, even without the sun. So if I wanted to collect them and enjoy them, I had to face the fact that a certain amount of yellowing was going to be inevitable. But you know what? After hearing all the horror stories and voices of gloom and doom about the yellowing of ABJD resin, I've discovered that it's really no big deal at all...even in my extreme climate, mine have only mellowed with age if that...and remember, they're subject to high temperatures during the summers here and very bright sunlight year around whenever I take them out. I even have a french resin head from Angell Studio in yellow ns (simply loved the face and couldn't help buying it even though it's quite a yellow skintone to start with.):) But even that's not changed at all noticably. So my overall experience is that it's really no big deal and should never affect your enjoying your dolls the way you like. Both my dolls and I are very happy here in the hot, sunny deserts of Arizona, thank you very much...and we're still lookin' good! We plan to age gracefully together.;)
    20. I'm in Arizona too and my ws bbb cast Ppoppo and Eric girl are yellowing a little bit. I like them even better this way. Also, my first doll is a WS AOD Liu Yin and she is yellowing as well. I think they all look better yellowing, I don't mind it at all. They are much easier to photograph this way and I love them as they are. I think what I am going to do is send them off to Kayke for new faceups and freckling to make the 3 of them redheads and change their eyes to green to go with their new complexions.