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Resinsoul 1/6 dolls 27cm and 28cm discussion part 1

Feb 2, 2009

    1. Hi -

      I'm not sure if my doll is a tiny or a mini, but he's an old size - 11" tall.

      I'm trying to find a pair of boots for him. Resinsoul doesn't sell shoes yet.

      His foot size is 4.5, less than 2" long. Does anyone know where I could find boots?

      Thanks in advance!

      ...mod note...

      Resinsoul 1/6 dolls 27cm and 28cm discussion part 1:
    2. Hi Elfmoon--you might want to try this thread-- it's labeled BBB March and Isabella, but we are discussing Beis and other Resinsoul petite dolls there, too!
    3. I was wondering what types of clothes would fit a Bao by Resinsoul ( http://www.resinsoul.com/05-chanpin/p-001-1.asp?id=311 ) and I was told that I should ask about it here. Soooo, does anyone know or have any ideas? ^^;

      I've been told that some Barbie/Ken clothes will fit... Is that the first generation (the one with a weird upside-down-triangular shape to its torso) or the new generation Barbies (the one with a more natural curve at the stomach)?

      EDIT: I'm thinking of getting this... http://www.featherfall.ca/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=279_286&products_id=1817 Right size? And while I'm on the topic of things that fit, I also wanna get this wig: http://www.doll-zone.com/showproduct1.asp?id=175 ... I think it maybe a bit big, but is it more or less alright?

      EDIT EDIT: ... Anyone...?
    4. I was thinking of replacing my Resin Soul Bei's body. It's just so stiff and weird to pose with, I was wondering what suggestions are available for replacements.

      Here's some info on her...

      She's a tanned doll
      She is 27cm tall

      so if I can find a body that is also tan (or can be tanned later) that'll be great.

      I know Volks sells some 27cm bodies, but are made of vinyl (I think) instead of resin, will this be an issue and does the neck even support other kinds of heads?

      I hope I posted this in the right place ^^ and any advice would be appreciated ^_^ Thanks!:aheartbea
    5. The only body come into my mind is Planetdoll Mini. Theyre quite simillar in scale.

      Planetdoll.com is the site.
    6. The Volks 27cm bodies will probably be too small in scale to fit the head on. The heads that fit them are about Barbie sized, and also they might be too mature for a tiny (depending on what look you're going for).
    7. Thanks for the link! I went to the site and they look promising. The tan one looks too dark, but I could always tan the lighter ones ^_^

      Aww I see, so her head would be too big. As for her look I do want her to look a little mature, so I wouldn't mind a mature looking body ^_^
    8. Not sure if you're still looking but Hujoo's might work. They have mature bodies and there is a dark tan one, although she might be too dark to match well.

      Also, they're off-topic for Den of Angels because they're not made of resin. :(
    9. I was wondering the same thing. I think ken will fit not sure thought there as to be more info.
    10. I have a cute BBB Bao and almost all Ken clothes fits... specially the pant and jeans. Tha tops may be a lil bit bigger for him but I think many will fits vary good.
    11. here's somo pic with ken clothes...





      hope it help.
    12. thanks for the info vevet also your boy is very cute and how did you get him to stand on his head. I want to get a Bao in sky blue and he is going to be a avatar person (l think that's how you spell it) also l love the movie. Oh and the shoes are they 1/6 size.
    13. New generation ken clothes will fit better than older ken clothes, the shoulder seam on the shirts will be too wide on the older ones.

      I have a bobobie bei, and skipper clothes fit really well (thou skipper isn't around much, these days). I've also seen someone dress their 27cm RS doll in GI Joe clothes. Liv doll clothes and wigs also fit, for the most part.

      Since they are so thin, you can put nearly anything on them, but outfits made for the more standard yo-sd sized dolls will be loose. I think they still look really good thou, because the heads are pretty large, so large clothes still look natural.
    14. A blue Bao? I want to see that! please take many pics!
      They pose well, well you have to know your boy to know his pose potential I mean... BBB may be a lil tricky to pose but if you take time and love with your dolls, you will see that they can do a lot cool poses.

      Tha shoes are from doll-zone (yo-sd size), but I think they don't sell them anymore :( but maybe you can find them in DOA marketplace.

      Please if you have any other question about that beautiful mold (Bao)... just ask. ;)
    15. yup vevet the sky blue is one of there new colors. I will be ordering him at the end of Aug thow Resinsoul.
    16. Does anyone know where else to get shoes that will fit these guys? Nothing that fit my Soom Teenies fit because they're too short, and the others I have here are the right length but too wide.

    17. i was just wondering a momoko or blythe clothes fit them as well?
      i really love clothes from ttya but they only have momoko or blythe that small
    18. I bought mimiwoo yo-SD shoes and they fit both my Bei and Bao, I have a green Bao and I love him to death! I need to find him some more Ken clothes though, Liv doll clothes fit the girls perfectly though! and so do there wigs!
    19. I've cracked... I so dearly want a Resinoul Ni, does anyone happen to know what eyes and wig she takes? Quick search yielded nothing and I'd love to order her outfit and wig before she arrives to have her ready to go so any help would be loved. :)
    20. For starters, it would help if you asked in the BBB and RS 1/6 sized discussion thread. There are a few of us over there who own Ni, along with the rest of the 1/6 size sculpts. ^-^

      For wigs, 5-6" are the best fit. If you can get them, and like them, Liv World Doll wigs fit perfectly once you cut out the little plastic nub on the inside.

      For eyes, mine has in her defaults, but 12 and 14mm both fit. 10mm MIGHT, but I'm not sure one way or the other there.

      For clothes, I'm not really sure on a 'size' that works, so far as BJD meant clothing goes, but she'll fit Barbie and Liv World Doll clothes well. And not all Barbie and Liv clothes LOOK like play-doll clothes, either, so with some looking you can find pieces that just look good, in an assortment of styles. If you'd rather look for clothes meant for BJDs, though, normal Yo items won't fit. They're too big around (Ni, like the other BBB and RS kids is SLIM) and often also just a little too short in the legs (for pants). If you DO find clothing that fits her and isn't Barbie or Liv, please, pop over to the discussion thread and share! I know there are others there who are looking for alternatives in clothing, but if any of them have FOUND anything yet, they haven't shared.

      If you want measurements for either sewing some clothing yourself, or commissioning someone to do it for you who goes by measurements, feel free to ask for the detailed measurements you need over in the discussion thread, too. I'm sure that several of us would be happy to help!

      Edit to add: Here's the link for the discussion thread! http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...-Resinsoul-1-6-scale-dolls-THREAD-THREE/page5