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Resinsoul 61cm boy ~ Gang!

Sep 21, 2009

    1. :) I've been waiting since they first said they were going to make a 60cm boy months ago. And wow, he really delivers! The body looks amazing and the face appears full of potential. It's so fun to watch Resinsoul, because they seem to improve with each doll they produce. It will be nice to see what sculpts they create next for this wonderful body. And luckily, Gang happens to look perfect for one of my characters!

      I :aheartbea Resinsoul! That's kinda obvious though... :sweat
    2. Yes! I've been waiting for this boy! I wish they had pics of him posing though. He looks good, I like his head sculpt. Resinsoul has their own style & I really like what they've done so far.
    3. They are generally very willing to show pictures if you request. You can just mail them and ask if they want to make pictures of his mobility.
    4. The body is pretty impressive! :D
    5. Ohh WOw me like the body !! he would make an awesome male DAN with horns if the head fit on the body
    6. I was thinking the same and considering it. I guessing it would fit though. I'll send a mail about it soon to Resinsoul.
    7. he looks so great and i really want him,
      will hopefully afford him after x-mas

      lol i don't even know what character i want him for,
      but hes so pretty i don't care
    8. Waaaant that body! Want want want. My Weylin needs one to replace the Bobobie one he's on. THe head sculpt isn't bad, but that body-it's like the 70cm shrunk down! :aheartbea
    9. As always RS manages to impress. I love the body, but would love to see some fantasy heads available.
    10. I'm impressed, the body is such a big improvement on the 70cm one. I've been looking for a shorter replacement body with better poseability for my Long, and that one looks about perfect for the job :D Now to decide whether to order it and hope it arrives before I move in a month and a half or to wait...
    11. I can't wait to see owner pics of non default faceups on this boy. I think the sculpt has a lot of potential and with the right face up can look sultry & smexy! I see myself buying this head in the near future. I'm still on the fence about the body, though. The way he's jointed is interesting, but I think I'll wait on owner pics before I decide.
    12. If possible I;ll be getting him with a Dan head in grey :)
      I got kindof pissed last weekend because I was at an anime con and one of the Dutch BJD dealers was there and had a grey dan, with brown horns and the Dollzone Celine limited outfit.

      So now I'm making him male. HAH!:x
    13. I like how the body looks, though I want to see how well all of his jointing works before I decide to buy him. And I'd much prefer a Dan head on him as well, that head is <3

      Though the real seller for me is if this body will match Napidoll and Dikadoll resin... then I'll definitely buy him~ ^ ^

      *scuttles off to ask for posing pictures*
    14. He looks so lovely. I saw a picture of him and got terribly excited. Sadly I won't be purchasing him yet, I still have to finish saving up for my Sabik
    15. Well, I just found what I'm saving for! :nosebleed
      I hope the torso is more flexible than he looks in the pics though...
    16. I was thinking the same thing plus I would love to see him in unusual colors. I really like Resinsoul dolls. I hope to own one eventually - maybe it will be this guy.
    17. If it's similar to the 70cm body, it will be :)
      Then he will be able to slouch and everything.
    18. La! He must be mine then! [cue maniacal laughter]
    19. I really hope that RS would emprove as well in that way the 70cm body.