Resinsoul 70cm (68cm) female doll discussion.

Apr 26, 2009

    1. The other Resinsoul 70cm thread is almost entirely about boy dolls, and I thought it would be more convenient and less confusing to have two separate threads.

      I have some pictures to put up of Chun, but only so you can get an idea of her body and posability. Still no face up or blush, and it will be a long time before I am ready to enter her in a beauty contest (but maybe the BJD Olympics, if I can find sports bra for her!). All but one or two are totally nude, because I couldn't find a bra big enough to fit her, and her Dollmore Model undies give her wedgies in her joints.

      If you haven't read the Resinsoul 70 doll discussion thread yet, you might want to read the posts concerning Chun and the other female dolls.


    2. Her face has a lot of charm even without a faceup. I really like her.
    3. I like her more and more each day. I bought the pink wig not to match the roses, but for her to wear when she is cosplaying the anime character Utena. But the doll friends that I have made in France lately are into goth and vampires, and I think Chun would make a kick-ass Vampire! Who says that girl vampires have to be anemic little waifs?
    4. I'm waiting for my Chun at this very moment. I ordered mine in the light tan back in February, so I'm hoping the wait is winding down. Once I get mine, I'll contribute my thoughts to this thread.

      Ranma, once you post some more pictures of your Chun, would you mind adding linkage to my photo request thread? I'd appreciate it. :)

      EDIT: I just found your post in the BJD-opedia. If you don't mind, I'm going to link to it right now in my picture request. I'll remove it if you do mind.
    5. I've just ordered a purple resin Lian. For those that have the larger RS girls what clothes do you recommend? I want to start making my own clothes, but would like to have an outfit for her when she arrives.
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    6. The Chun photos have been moved to the BJDopedia - Picture Requests - Dolls subforum.

      This thread will be continued as a chat line. but remember that it is only about the female dolls, not the boy dolls, unless there is infomation relevant to both.
    7. dolls&tea I am so excited to see photos of your Lilac Lian! I am considering getting her in that color for a dark elven female character and would love to see her sculpt in that resin!

      I recently got two boy dolls in the lilac color and I must say that particular resin color really gives them a distinct look! Congrats on your beautiful girl!
    8. I have the same problem. I want to have custom clothes made for Chun, so only ordered a few things, mostly Model clothes from Dollmore. The only things that seem to fit are the long socks and the SD Boys -- she was wearing them in the first pictures. The plaid skirt was baggy, and had to be safety-pinned in the back. The shirt is too baggy too. It's funny that the bra was too small to use, though.

      Good luck! I'll let you know if I find anything that works.

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    9. No problem. Anybody who wants to link to it, copy the photos for nefarious purposes, or Photoshop sexy undies onto Chun, feel free!
    10. I recently got two boy dolls in the lilac color and I must say that particular resin color really gives them a distinct look! Congrats on your beautiful girl![/quote]

      Your lilac boys are amazing looking. I just started daydreaming about all 4 70cm dolls together in lilac. Two are amazing, four would be some kind of an ethereal dream.
    11. Thanks! I've been mostly looking at the dresses - especially the Viking Dress. I'm also tempted to get one of the body stockings and see how that works out - at least then she would have something to wear and I could easily make a skirt.

      How baggy is the skirt? I have my RS boys Long & An in DM clothes and was able to take care of most of the bagginess of pants with trunk span panties underneath the pants - the same with my BBB Espree, I put panties under the DM pants I purchased and while they are still a fraction lose it's not really noticeable. Do you think something similar would work with the RS girls?
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    12. A safety pin takes up the slack in her plaid skirt, but I have been told (by someone refuses to pick up a needle because her mother forced to stay inside and learn sewing instead of playing basketball outside with the neighborhood boys) that it would be easy to alter it. It's a nice skirt, with a zipper.

      I such a newbie that I should be put on the Reborn (or Unborn or whatever the critters are called) table, so I don't have much in the way of practical advice. Chun is unstrung for sueding, but as soon as I get her back together I'll try a couple of other garments on her. I have a nice pair of white Model-size jeans that I think I tried on her and they fit her pretty well, though they could have benefited by a belt. They had extremely long legs, but of course can be rolled up or altered.

      The long stalkings fit beautifully, however.

      Unfortunately, I don't think that you can reliably assume that Model doll clothes will fit the RS dolls. I was hoping that the RS doll was pretty much a clone of the Model doll as far as off-the-shelf clothing fit goes, but no luck. I am commissioning an outfit for her, but I'm sure she would appreciate more than one thing in her wardrobe:). But if you are handy with a needle-and-thread, it may be that most Model clothes could be altered to fit RD big girls.
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    13. I had to do the same thing with my Lian's plaid skirt. I did it on the front, though, so it just looks like she's wearing a skirt with one of those oversized skirt pins. I think their waist/hip measurements are actually a lot closer to delf girls than to model girls, so I may be getting my girl some luts skirts/pants to see if those fit better.

      ETA: It may be more an issue of the cut of the skirt I got her than anything, though. That skirt sits low on the hips of DM girls and RS girls are a bit smaller than them in the hips IIRC, so the skirt goes even lower on a RS girl.
      I've just ordered the "Sexy Dancer" set in model size from DM and will update on how/whether it fits when it arrives.
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    14. I love the idea of using the pin to create a retro look! And thanks for the tips on Delf doll clothes - we'll all be interested in the results of your research:).
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    15. I got my shipping notice today, so should have photos soon!
    16. I tried these, and they really look cool, except ... they really need a belt to make them fit. The problem is the belt loops don't start until almost halfway around the waist, and this causes things to bunch up in the front. It is unfortunate because there is a millinary shop down the block that has lots of ribbons and chains of jewels that would make fabulous tie belts:(!
    17. I've ordered my Lian 5 minutes ago and get ready to start waitng and worring. How long did you wait your doll? What wigs are useble? Dollmore Model?
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    18. Oh-ooo. I forget. What brand of shoes can feet her well? Also Dollmore Model? Can I find other brand somewere else? Thanks
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    19. 8-9 wigs should work, and shoes sized for sd/sd13 dolls will also fit. I'm not sure how long other people waited, but it only took a couple of weeks to get my girl.
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    20. Thanks. She'll be my first BJD. :). I'am not far from San-Fransisco, so I hope I'll find something for her on DODA Dolls event in June...