Resinsoul 70cm Long discussion

Sep 1, 2008

    1. Oh I promise, I'll show you photos. First of all he has to arrive at my house which he hasn't yet. I've been promised by the end of october from Bobobie where I bought him.
      I'll do his cosmetic surgery about right away when he arrives so you won't have to wait long. :)

      - karina
    2. Has anyone had any luck of comparing him to another SD sized doll, or had the chance to try other company heads on his body? The first would probably be just as helpful for me, cos I'm just afraid if his body will look too thin with my minimee head^^
    3. I want to see this body with other heads T-T and with 70cm heads, specially SSD xDDD

      >_< There is someone who takes pictures of the comparison? T__T
    4. I would be glad to see and to own Long&#180;s girlfriend with such slim and beautiful body, if she will be ever released :aheartbea
    5. Ooh! Excellent! I love him!
      This is definately going to be the BJD I buy. I had seen him on featherfall a while back. Thanks for the more detailed pictures. That only makes me want to buy him more! =D
    6. There are 68cm girls now, too! Chun and Lian :whee:
    7. I love the new girl sculpts, they are much softer than the Bobobie girls, and I love the elf girl. At first I thought, wow, they didn't even get her a wig and then, wham! the elf reveal.
      What clothes would you put her in? I wonder if she would fit on the smaller Bobobie body.
    8. I wish they showed more photos of Lian&#180;s face. She seems to be very unusual and pretty.
      I&#180;ve tried quick to imagine how she could look in good wig and clothes... Sorry for bad photoshop, but I think she has so much potential!:fangirl:
      If it is not allowed, I&#180;ll delete photos...:doh

    9. I didn't think much of Lian in the company pictures, but those photoshopped pictures make her look a damned sight more attractive! Especially in that straight wig, she looks lovely.
    10. I hope, in black wigs she will be pretty too :)

    11. I second that. I want more photos of her face.
      Gotiks, thank you for making these nice photos!
    12. Does anyone happen to know if the new girl heads would look good on a smaller body, making them 60 cm?
      The heads generally run a size smaller with Resinsoul, so maybe a smaller body wouldn't look too strange >.>
      Anyone tried this with their Long? (allthough his head seems kinda big xD)
    13. Oh,man, waaant Lian. I think I just found a girlfriend for Rel. XD I can just see her in BW with a black wig and a model girl sized blackguard set. Heh...I think I just figured out what I'm buying myself for Christmas.
    14. Have there been any pictures posted of the 70cm body yet? How about comparison shots? Hopefully someone can answer and save me the trouble of going and digging through DoA.

      The main question that no one has answered so far, at least not where I can find, is if the ResinSoul bodies are double jointed or not.

      It was linked two pages back too :lol:
    16. I just found this thread and I love this girl's face and long lanky body. I only like tiny elves, but I could have her ears modded to human. She's not really pretty in a conventional way, with that long nose, but she appeals to me in a strange way. Does anyone know how long they take to ship?
    17. I think both the girl faces are very beautiful, and I love and crave the big girl body with the natural weight to its breasts, but I have my heart set on a smiling doll for Christmas - the character I have in mind demands a serene, slightly creepy smile. Bobobie human Charisma, in fact. And both the dolls have the typical bjd neutral expression. My wife noticed, however, that the measurements for the Charisma doll's are the same as the measurements given for Lian's head. And I tend to think adult/teen bjds have too big heads for their ages anyway.

      So I emailed ResinSoul asking if it was possible to get a Chun body with a Charisma head. They emailed back very quickly, they're lovely. :aheartbea

      As far as I can see, though, the heads are exactly the same size! *_* I'm not sure whether to risk it now.

      Does anyone have any thoughts? Yes/no?
    18. Alright, I'm getting Lian >.<
      Not right now, but some day.
      And she will be a Night elf. Purple <3
      I've been wanting to make a night elf for sooooo long and I've been obsessed with them even though I don't play WoW >.>
      Now I just need a 60 cm elf doll I can afford to become my succubus though >.<
      Resinsoul, please release a somewhat smaller female! :D

      And I think Charisma has a fairly big head... So I would try it if I were you xD
      You can always re-sell the body if it's no good >.>
    19. A purple Lian would be amazing. :)

      ResinSoul just proved themselves amazingly helpful by sending me a picture of a Charisma head next to a Chun head - AND of Charisma on their big girl body. Charisma's head is slightly smaller than Chun's, but the size compared to the body looks fine. What isn't fine is the size of the head compared to the neck - the bodies have that Bobobie/ResinSoul long thin swan neck thing going on, and Charisma's head looks a bit awkwardly perched up there.

      So... I guess I go ahead, and sand down the neck to fit. *quakes* This is going to be my first mod ever. Still, I guess I have to start somewhere... and preferably not on a $600 body!
    20. Could you maybe post those pics you got? ^__^
      I'm really interested. And also in Lian's head on a Bobobie 60 cm body >.>
      Might have to mail them about that :sweat

      And sanding isn't that hard! There's always people here ready to help ^_^
      And Lian's gonna have to wait a while though D:
      First I'm after a purple Ju :D I found a site that has her in NS in stock but I dunno, lilac just seems more awesome >.<