Resinsoul 70cm Long discussion

Sep 1, 2008

    1. For reference:
      I've just received a white skin body. And man it IS white! XD
      For ayone interested in hybrids, two pictures showing the (big) difference in color to CP heads

      Left: CP BW from july 08
      Right: CP BW from dec 07

      El (july 08) on the body
      Proportion-wise, I think it's good! (though this photo doesn't agree with me XD)
    2. You'll find the body will yellow a bit to make it a lot less obvious. :)

      I have a CP Juri 06 on one of the first Bobobie bodies that came out, and the body has yellowed just enough to make the difference negligible. :) I might suggest blushing the neck a bit to make it less obvious if it bothers you.

      My friend's blue Feng shipped yesterday! :)
    3. I have my Long ordered and coming hopefully soon. I was wondering what shoes fit his 7.5cm feet? I can't tell the size on a lot of the shoes that I like. Is it alright to buy him shoes that are like 1cm bigger than his feet or will his balance be off?
    4. I have my Long in a pair of chucks that are about 1cm too big, and he stands in them fine.
    5. random question. do you think if you order one of the bodies, will you get the fisted hands, or the open ones?
    6. I ordered the body, and I got both hands - the open and fisted ones ^^
    7. Winfur, can you show more shots of your hybrid? (or at least link us to more pics lul)

      I'm planning to use a 60cm head too on the 70cm bodies and I'm wondering how it all looks...
    8. I'm really starting to wonder how a Lian head would look on a 60 cm body...
      I just think 70 cm is too big for me but I love that face so much D:
    9. I ordered one and when she gets here I can put her head on a shorter body as an experiment. It won't match (she's tan), but we can see the proportion. I have a CP girl and an Iplehouse girl to try.
    10. Well, I'd be interested to see how a bobobie 60cm head fits on these bodies. I'd like to get the 68cm female body and switch my bobobie pandora's head onto it, but I don't know if she'll look like she has a shrunken head or if the neck is much too long or something
    11. That would be great :)
      I'm thinking about either an AOD body or wait till resinsoul releases a 60 cm body xD
    12. Sure, I'll try to get more pics ASAP ^^ (didn't take many yet, I was waiting till I blushed his body first ^^; )
    13. Einon, if you look back on the last page, there's pictures ResinSoul sent me of the 60cm Charisma head on the 68cm body. I tried to convince myself it would work if I modded the head, but in the end, I decided probably not. And Pandora's head is, I think, even smaller. :gingerbreadman
    14. I love that you get both sets of hands...any other hybrids with these 70 cm bodies? I'm thinking of getting a Leeke Rihael head and putting that bad boy on there, but will that look awful? That or Bertram, but he's got a funky sized head, it doesn't seem to look good on anything @[email protected];
    15. Ah, I was in a rush last night and didn't check through every single page on the board. Well, good to know either way, just means my pandora will have to wear platform shoes instead
    16. My El on the RS body:



      Loooong legs XD

      Well, I think the proportions are really good, since El has such a big head XD

      I hope it helps!
    17. He looks great!

      I read that there was a Lian somewhere :o She looks amazing!
      I really love to see her on a smaller body :)
      And if that doesn't work out, I guess I'll just have to buy her normal body ;)
    18. Hey guys, I got my Lian yesterday and I have to say that I LOVE HER! She's quite pretty and I am extremely happy with her body. Here's a link to the box opening. It has some photos of her body and how some of the joints work, if you're interested.
      Also, if you're looking for photos of her in another colour, go check out autumnrain's coffee Lian. She is just too pretty!
    19. Dang. Here I was hoping Latte's Long was a fluke. Based on Ari-chans, I can see that is not the case.
      Dang dang dang. I was really hoping I wouldn't be forced to work to get the money for him. He's just to damn smexy in these pics! ARGH!
      Oh well. 50 dollars down, so at least I'm partially there. *mutter mutter* Dang you ResinSoul for making a 70 boy I LIKE so insanely affordable. *mutters some more and contemplates what she can sell on ebay to pay for him*
      He's going to be a vampire, so I was trying to choose between the light tan and the white. I'm leaning more towards the light tan though. I don't really know why (someone has been watching to much Queen of the damned lately me thinks :| ) and I think that's certain after the white pics. Cause that might be to white (is there such a thing for a vampire?) for what I want.
    20. Oh, I thought it was only with me!
      I understand your pain ^^;