Resinsoul 70cm Long discussion

Sep 1, 2008

    1. Could anyone help me out on what size eyes and wig Resinsoul/Bobobie Feng can use?
      I may not be able to afford him just yet, but I like to do a lot of research before making final decisions anyway. :)
      I'm such a newbie, I admit it. ^^;
    2. 16mm or 18mm (personally I think 16mm looks best) eyes and 8-9 wig, same as Long.
    3. Thank you very much. :)
    4. I'm loving the owner pics of Lian, and even though I've limited myself to smaller dolls, I think I'm going to go for this girl.

      I think she would make a perfect drow girl in the purple color. So she's going to be my (Lawful Good) Drow D&D character.
    5. *enables* Seriously, I couldn't be happier with my Lian. She was difficult to stand, but I've hot glue sueded her and now she stands and poses beautifully, and I just love her so much. She's outstanding value for money. The body sculpt is gorgeous, too.
    6. Thank you for the info :chibi. She's going to be SO huge compared to my bitty pukis :).

      A question, How much do these beauties weigh?
    7. *joins in enabling* Really, she's a gorgeous sculpt! I lovelovelove her body, and she has such a pretty face. Hot glue sueding is a really good idea on these girls, though. It helps a lot (and I really need to do it).

      I cannot wait to see her in that colour, I know WS and tan skin are really pretty. I think she weighs maybe two or three pounds, but I'm not sure. It isn't all that much compared to other dolls, but she's still got a bit of weight to her.
    8. I'm totally loving the enabling that's going on (like I need any more reasons to buy her, lol). And I'm glad to hear she wont be monstrously heavy, people must exaggerate when they say that SDs hurt to carry about.
    9. Bobobies are just wonderfully lighter than most without loss of resin quality. :)
    10. I'm not sure if I am going to get the purple. Because I want her to be more "normal" looking than a purple doll will be. That way she can have whatever hair color and clothing I like and not have to worry it will clash with her skin. So I'm going between light tan and natural skin right now.

      Oh I hate saving, it makes me so unsure and indecisive.
    11. Every day is another step closer to having the money to order Feng... :) Is it sad that Feng is the biggest reason I drag myself out of bed for work right now?

      (Tried to talk myself into An since he's cheaper, but failed miserably. Love Feng too much.)

      P.S. Lian is a gorgeous girl! She'll be beautiful in any color. :)
    12. I sorry for english! Forgive me if put wrong place, I new to forum :)
      ^^ Direct to right place if wrong, please.

      (I confused about what doll to get) but I want to get a ResinSoul Long but there cloths from Dollmore I want that in SD but Long is 70cm. Also cloths I like for him is SD but girl cloths :sweat
      Will any of these dolls fit SD dollmore girl or boy cloths?:
      BBB Long
      AOD Jimi or AA ER or YI
      BBB weylen
    13. AoD and AA are 60cm, so normal SD clothes should fit them fine. I'm not sure about BBB, but if you say he is 70cm, I can't help you. ^^;

    14. It's funny, I haven't owned a bobobie for years, but I've just fallen for Feng! I've always been fascinated by these 70cm "giants" and I love Feng's soft features! Does anyone know what size eyes he takes? And am I right in assuming he can fit Hound size clothes? Oh, and feel free to post pics to encourage me! :lol:

      EDIT: Oh hey! I almost forgot, what size wig to they use?
    15. The Dollmore Model Male & Glamour Model clothes might fit.
    16. Latte sent me these links when I asked about her Feng:

      I do not know what size, but Stuart is an Apollo, and can take 16 to 20mm eyes. I would imagine that 18mm is a safe number. : )

      A search for Feng in BJDopedia will probably reveals a lot of images/stats.

    17. Thanks Tosspot! That's great! Ok, I'm off to look those up ^_^
    18. The top half will fit 70cm sized clothes from Tata and Nightfall (so yeah, Hound-sized), not sure about any other clothes. They tend to have more slender arms than other dolls their size so sleeves may be a little loose. No idea how well they go for bottoms fitting well as I make my boys' pants.
      16-18mm eyes, I wouldn't go any larger than 18mm. If you want more pics of him you can check out my dA *points at sig*
    19. Hi Latte! Your Darius is gorgeous! And I've just put in an order for one through Bobobie, yay!! It's funny, I've always like that size but I hadn't been 100% on the face molds until Feng. And it's good to know about the eyes, it always seems like Bobobie puts in ones that are too small and I like the more anime eye look. But that's awesome about the limb size!! For some reason I just have this image of Feng wearing slightly slouchy clothes around the house :lol:

      Edited to ask, what size wig fits them?