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Resinsoul Ai (new girl with Hooves)

Nov 26, 2009

    1. I do like the look for that size. Not quite 1/3 scale. Good sculpt thought. She looks like a deer/fawn with as thin and shapely as the legs are.
      Just wonder if the legs will be held on with S hooks... or connected directly to the elastic. And will there be an option to buy standard human legs to change out with.

      - ShadowHawke -
    2. Discussion Thread

    3. Thank you Kiyakotari for creating and pointing to the discussion thread!

      To reiterate: If anyone have questions directly related to the News topic, "Resinsoul Ai, hooved girl", that is of general interest, clarification, etc. Post them here. Otherwise-- speculation, chatting, go to the discussion thread. Thanks
    4. Is it possible to get this new body with the Dan head instead? ^^
    5. Is Ai able to stand on her own?
    6. @Heceta: Resinsoul is usually very willing to do head swaps and such :)

      @Raven: I doubt she'd be sold if she didn't...
    7. Just wondering if the "make up" option counts for body blushing aswell? It seems like a low price for make up.
    8. They say that no makeup is their default state, but with Dan, the blushing on her horns was included in the makeup, so I'm guessing it is aswell with Ai.
      The price is great though, they have one standard faceup for all dolls they sell, but it's not bad quality or anything.