Resinsoul / Bobobie Dogs Discussion Thread

Feb 17, 2009

    1. Resinsoul has released dog sculpts! Right now they're only listed by number:





      Group Shot

      The site says:
      This is our new goods.Animal doll,The dog of 18cm.The body figures are as follows:
      HEIGHT 18cm
      ARM LENGTH 5.5cm
      LEG LENGTH 8cm
      HEAD SIZE 14cm
      NECK SIZE 5cm
      SHOULDER WIDTH 4.5cm
      CHEST 9.7cm
      WAIST 9.2cm
      HIP 11.2cm

      Looks like they're going to be available in all the standard Resinsoul / Bobobie colors (white, pink, blue, coffee, purple, green, red).

      I love the price point on these guys -- only $110! Head makeup is $10 and body makeup is $10. So full-body painting is $20 total.

      My favorite is 0037, it looks like a little Boston Terrier! Adorable!

      Has anyone ordered one yet? Is anyone planning to order one?

      EDIT: Bobobie has now added the dogs (and the ox) to their site:"
    2. I think the bodies are adorable, but the heads are little too realistic for me.

      Boston terrier is pretty adorable though.
    3. I kinda want one. TBH, I think these guys are even cuter than Pipos's dog. I can't decide which is my favourite of them all.
    4. I agree with babytarragon they are just a bit too doglike for me. They are still cute though
    5. I love them, seems like they improvment the hands finally!
      Im wondering if the new "red color" will be available for SD dolls!
    6. omg 0038 (the beagle looking one) is my favorite~ SO CUTE! *dies a little* wow. Yup. He's going on my wishlist! <33
    7. Oh wow!!! I think I've died and gone to doggy heaven!!!:aheartbea These are absolutely fantastic! The sculpts are truly wonderful and I actually really appreciate the realism. I can just see them dressed in wonderful Alice in Wonderland, Steampunk or Victorian styled clothing. Sadly, I must pay off a couple of layaways at present,:sweat but after that, I definitely intend to get a boston and a beagle-type.:D
    8. Actually, I'm quite surprised these are on-topic! They just look to me like they took the head off a bobble-head dog figurine and stuck it on an anthropomorphic body. WAY too realistic-looking for my tastes. (No offense to anyone who likes them!)
    9. I think they're kinda cute! I love 0036- the little dachshund/beagle ~ I just had an image of them all sitting around a poker table xD
    10. It's really cute!
      I want 0037 and 0038 too. ^^
    11. i love them, i already bought the boston terrier, all good BJD's need a puppy!
    12. I agree, a touch to realistic for me. They're okay, but not for me..... now if they came out with a corgi, I might have to rethink that. Corgis are love.
      Still, can't wait to see what RS comes up with next, they keep on making some really impressive dolls, even if they're not all to my liking.
    13. i don't look at them like an "anthro", i look at them as real BJD puppy, that is what i bought it for, a pet for my dolls. i suppose you could still dress it up, but it would look like a dog in clothes. i think they're cute, and for the money? worth a try.
    14. now that would be awesome

      Too bad we were just having problems with Resinsoul. I wuod totally order a colored doggy but we were having too many probs ordering a tiny from them!
    15. may i ask, what kind of problems? problems trying to order? or problems with the actual doll itself? now i'm nervous.
    16. Finally! I've been waiting for someone to do a decent Boston Terrier. The tail will need to be modded--Boston's have little piggy tails or tails like Rat Terriers. Rarely will you see a long tail on a BT.

      My male BT--Bobbie passed away this past summer, and I've wanted a Boston BJD to paint with his markings.

      After I get my taxes done--I will be ordering one. Depending on how this one looks I might even get another one and do some sort of fund raiser with it for BT rescue--have to wait and see on that.
    17. It was part of a group order...everything arrived except for like my tiny doll. It dragged on for long enough that I wanted a refund over the doll and wracked my nerves. Dunno all the details, it was enough to turn me off, but I think others were fine with them so odds are it'll be fine for you.
    18. Hmm, to me they look sort of in-between--not as stylised as Pipos anthros or Zuzu Delf, but hardly as realistic as a dog figurine. There's still a great deal of stylisation in there, it's just more on the 'realistic' end of the scale. More like a 'classic/normal' cartoonised anthro instead of a 'cute/chibified' cartoonised anthro...if that makes any kind of sense. ^^;

      ...and I need 0038. XD I had wanted to get a Zuzu Delf Mati to be the dolly-embodiment of my favourite childhood plusie...but the 0038 head looks a lot more like him. *o* I will so totally dress him all steampunky, too. XD My Bernard was an adventurer, after all. ;)
    19. The numbers is so confusing I'm just gonna call them BT and BG (boston terrier and beagle)

      I'd like to see them with simpler painting, I wonder if it's the over detailed and heavy painting that puts me off. I'm tempted to get a pink BT and do a really simple face up.
    20. Very very cute~! Their little paws are adorable! <3