Resinsoul/Bobobie Li Wig Size

Jan 14, 2017

    1. I've been looking everywhere for a specific answer to what wig size best fits Resinsoul/Bobobie Li. Although there are some conversations about wig sizes for other sculpts I haven't really seen a straightforward answer in regards to Li specifically. Anyone here have the doll and know what size best fits her?

      Thanks much everyone!
    2. According to junkyspot's website she wears 7-8" wigs and 14mm eyes. :) My girl has a Mei head on a Li body, and all their other measurements check out so I'd be confident in those numbers.
    3. Oh really? My Mei actually wears a 6-7 that fits really well (and I was told those measurements fit in another discussion on DOA). Mei also has 14mm eyes so I'm gonna trust Junkyspot's recommended measurements.

      (I actually wasn't even aware they had such info, though I haven't really looked through that site in a long time)

      Thank you so much!
    4. I was curious too, but I looked closer and Li's head actually does look bigger! Mei is 17cm and (JS says) Li is 19cm though, so that also checks out. I was surprised!
    5. The variation is really something isn't it? Either way I'm really happy for everyone's help in answering this question and that other people can use this post to their advantage!

      It's also nice to have others looking through the info sources with me ^v^ I tend to lose track of stuff occasionally otherwise.