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Resinsoul centaurs!

May 18, 2016

    1. Anyone see the new centaur tiny dolls from resinsoul? Tell me what you think of them!
      #1 Queennova201, May 18, 2016
      Last edited by a moderator: May 22, 2016
    2. Where? WHERE?! :D
      I cant find him anywhere. You're not confused with Soul Doll, are you?
    3. No they came out, but RS pulled them from the site not sure i f they were spose to be released yet or not. They're gorgeous. I saw them on facebook.
    4. I saw the photos on the website, I want one! :) Hope they do release them soon!
    5. Oh are you on the resinsoul love page? Im the one who posted the pics XD

      Nope! They pulled the pics it seems. I cant wait for them to be released!
      #5 Queennova201, May 18, 2016
      Last edited by a moderator: May 19, 2016
    6. Lucky you saved the pictures before they were pulled off the website. I'm waiting for an OK to join the Facebook group. I want to see for myself! Very exciting.
    7. A friend of mine posted an image of them on instagram! They're so cute, and the transparent resin looks lovely!
    8. They're back up!

      Wahoo, Resinsoul really up'd their game recently. I really like 02's faceup. (If they change their names later, it's the white and blue boy with antlers)
    9. I think they're actually called cervitaurs, but who cares! They're adorable! :D
    10. They seem to be back up but don't have prices yet.. I've never wanted a yosd until now. They are amazing! I am crossing my fingers that this means they'll release an SD or MSD one day.
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    11. Curious :3nodding:
    12. Oh gosh they're so pretty :love I think I love the pink one the best or that blue transparent one!
    13. They are back up and have a price listed now. The options aren't available yet so you can't actually buy them though. $149 asking price.
    14. I hope they get real names before they are up for sale. "What do you think of my new girl? She's a Resinsoul 00!"
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    15. I'm actually really excited by these!
    16. They're cute!
    17. Very cute :) they've come a long way and even their photography has gotten much better. I would definitely consider getting one :3nodding:
    18. I love Resinsoul anyway but these new dolls are amazing! The price is great as well... I don't know if I have a need for a centaur or what ever they are called but I might find a need to have them.. lol I love the ears as well..
    19. XD i thought the same thing.

      Finally a centaur doll that isnt going to break the bank

      Yes! You should find a character to shell and spread all the resinsoul centaur love lol. I didnt have one in mind but i do now!
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    20. Someone posted them in Resinsoul Love earlier today while I was at work, super excited to see the company actually take on centaurs! :D It's really good to see a bjd centaur that's good on a budget, and that they're getting much better with their company pictures.
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