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Resinsoul Dai - 58cm

Apr 11, 2009

    1. I'm impressed. RS seems to be making an effort to really improve their bodies, and Dai's head is not as extreme as some of the other dolls. The hands are also very graceful.
    2. I am SO happy that resinsoul finally came out with this doll. And she's beautiful! I love the smaller resinsoul dolls- my An is the most photogenic doll I own. But I wanted a bigger one- but the 70 cm dolls are just too big for me.
      So this doll makes me very, very happy. Just the right size, and her face and body are lovely!
    3. I'm curious if the resin will match any other colours. Does anyone have any info about this?
    4. Awh, I like her. Im really impressed. I dont normally like the resinsoul molds to much. She is very pretty.
    5. Ah I just saw her on the RS website yesterday! (Never got around to posting about it although.. *fail*)

      Anyways, my first impression was the fact that RS is beginning to take better photos and experiment with new ways on their dolls, so that made me extremely impressed for some reason. As a company, I think RS is really beginning to improve. (^_^)

      But yeah, Dai (such an interesting name!) imo appears to be a lovely doll, I just find her face and body sculpt to appear very pleasant, but simple. 58 cm is such an interesting size number although....I <3 her hands!
    6. I've been waiting months for Resinsoul to release a 58 cm doll and I'm so happy because she's absolutely stunning. I'm gonna wait till they release an elf head aswell, which I bet they will :lol:
    7. Im very glad,
      her body seem to be double -jointed and her hands finally improved!
      YAY Resinsoul!
    8. She really is lovely, especially her body. I really like RS's body sculpts - so graceful. I was hoping they'd release more 68cm heads first, because I adore my Lian's size and I'd like more big girls like her, but I'm really tempted. I wish they had more than one head, though, or that I was sure a Bobobie head would match - my only human doll plans involve two girls. I guess a girl Jun is still next on my list.

      My beloved, otoh, says she loves the body, but is totally unexcited by the face, and hasn't been grabbed by her the way some RS dolls (fantasy ones) do. I have to admit, the face is pretty and intellligent-looking, but doesn't make me aaaaaah-want the way Lu, Mei or Jun does. Maybe I've caught the fantasy bug.

      But, oh, oh, did you see this on her page, in the comments?
      THAT I can't wait to see. An evil spirit IN RED RESIN.
    9. Evil spirit? D:
      Ooooooh I'm so excited :D
    10. She has GORGEOUS hands. You're right, RS does seem to be making active efforts to improve their company and the looks of their dolls. Double jointed, not a bad face, pretty good body... I like her body, although I'm still not crazy about their head sculpts. ^^; She's one of their prettier girls, IMO though!
    11. I have her on preorder. She's lovely. :)

      Her body sculpting and mechanics are above and beyond anything Bobobie or Resinsoul has done previously. Dai's body reminds me of Dollzone's older 1/3 female bodies. I think the most prominent improvements are the breasts, which are much better looking on this new body (the bust design is reminiscent of the new Elfdoll 1/3 female body) and the hands, which are beautiful and such an improvement on their previous hand sculpts.

      It looks like a good body which will pose great, and of course, BBB/RS dolls are always fantastic quality that beguiles their "affordable" price.

      It's very interesting to see Bobobie and Resinsoul mature and grow as companies. I'm looking forward to all their new releases from here on out, especially since Dai is the first BBB/RS doll I've wanted enough to flat-out preorder her as soon as I could.
    12. RS's previous breasts, or BBB's? Because I really, really love the 68cm RS breasts. They're very big, but they fall naturally, as if they actually had weight. From the pictures we have, I prefer them to the new girl's breasts, but Dai also seems younger, so less matronly breasts are, I guess, more appropriate. She certainly has a very pretty body sculpt.

      Better than the BBB 60 cm jutting breasts of doom, I can see...

      I am going to wait in the hopes someone gets a BBB head on this body so I can see how it looks without risking my hand, because I adore Charisma and Pandora's sclupts but not their bodies.

      But oh - I want that evil spirit, sight unseen!
    13. I"m very much in love with her. I'm definitely debating her or Abio Angel Liu
    14. really she is very pretty
    15. I'm so psyched that they finally released a girl in this size! :D
      I like what I've seen thus far of her body. Might eventually get that body for one of my floating heads.
      I totally can't wait to see more photos (and eventually owner pix!) to see more of her posing ability. And I'm curious to see what her ankles and feet look like.
    16. I think shes stunning. She has such a nice expression.
      The shots of the hands confuse me, though. Are the jointed wrists?
    17. I'm excited along with everyone. The slimmer legs and smaller chest is definitely drawing me in. Actually, I love the whole body. RS bodies have lovely tapered wrists and ankles. It makes them look so graceful. I think I will wait to see what this "evil spirit" looks like and for other heads. Maybe after I see some owner pics of Dai I will change my mind. I just am not excited with her face. I wonder if a BBB 60 cm head would look OK?
    18. I'm just curious to know why she's in boots in all those photos? Can't she stand well without boots?
    19. I wondered the same thing. I don't like out of proportion hands or feet, and that had me worried. However, the foot measurement does not seem that large.
      I do think her expression is so sweet, and I think her hands are lovely.