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Resinsoul Dan!

Jun 10, 2009

    1. Is it possible to purchase her horn parts separately in different resin colours? Thanks!
    2. I have not been able to open all of your links for over a month now. Would you please load some photos of Dan up on one of your DOA post.

    3. Here you go Sammie-Ma



      By the way, I have no problem with their website. :)
    4. I'd like to know if the horns can be purchased separately as well, thanks!
    5. I'm also curious about purchasing the horns separately, in different colors.
    6. I'd like to know if the head could be sold seperately or purchased on a boy body instead
    7. Thanks Lucyhayashi.I thank you on behalf of the company.Thank you everyone!
      The horn and the head can be purchased separately, if there is any questions sent letter to our company directly
    8. Is there a chance of getting this head on a male body? o-o She would make a perfect satyr!
    9. They're still working on making 60 cm boys, so if you hold on a bit (I have no clue how long tho) you can have her on a male body. You just have to mail them about it, cause they're that awesome :)
    10. haodoll-How much would the horns cost by themselves?
    11. Will the new gray skin introduced with Dan be available for all Resinsoul dolls?
    12. The horns are now also available seperately and they said on the website all dolls will be able to be made in grey :)
    13. God bless Resin soul :'D they released all i ever wanted at once!
      I received an email that they are making 60 cm boy bodies already.
      Also horns are now available for $20 :>
    14. I am so thrilled to see you now have gray available is there anyway to see the gray resin compared to normal skin or white skin to see how they look? Its hard to appreciate this amazing new color in dan's pics with the blushing etc. I am sooo looking forward to many gray resinsoul future purchases just wanna see it nest to something else so i can get a slightly better idea of it before I order one. I love my existing resinsoul & bbb dolls.