ResinSoul jointed hands & heel feet?

May 6, 2020

    1. hi! has anyone purchased the resinsoul jointed hands and their heel feet? did you purchase directly from resinsoul or a dealer? and how was ur experience? :) i want to get these for my DollLeaves dream girl new body but im not sure if they will fit or if the resin match is good? i will probably just send her body and the hands & feet to get blushed if that’s the case. also if you have photos please post! i’d love to see the poses the hands can do! thank u all✨
    2. I bought a pair of jointed hands for SD boy. They are fabulous posers, it takes some patience to pose every finger, but totally worth it!
      I also use a small amount of putty inside the hand when I have the doll holding something, the fingers aren't strong enough to hold some props on their own.
      I ordered them from Denver Doll, they were in stock!
      I've been eyeing the heel feet for my Resinsoul Long, I love the look compared to flat feet, especially with sitting poses.

      It's best to compare the wrist measurements of your doll and the jointed hands, but be aware, just because it will fit, doesn't mean it will necessarily look good, or exactly the way you would like.

      Hope this helps!
      (I also hope to see some photos) :)
    3. ooh the putty is such a good tip lol i didnt even think of that *-* and yeah the heel feet are so cute and elegant i love how they look even without any shoes on haha and thanks for reminding me about the wrist measurements! i forgot about that lol i’m gonna go check rn hahah:XD: