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Resinsoul Mu (boy with hooves) Discussion

Nov 28, 2009

    1. I just love the hooves, but wish he was taller.
    2. He's just perfect for my Hades...I can't wait to get a bit of money saved up ;w;
      I hope Dan's head looks good on him.
    3. Personally I wish Resinsoul would branch out into offering more body-types. I love their face sculpts but I'd like a body with somewhat more heft.
    4. From what I hear, Flidget, they're working on a buffer boy's body...
    5. I'm loving the body sculpt but if I'm honest the head really doesn't do it for me :sweat
      It is nice but the ears are just not for me. Does their resin match bobobies resin? (either the normal or the blue?). Heh heh that was probably a stupid question but I'd love to put one of the bobobie girls heads on this body :D
    6. He would be perfect for Darkness from the movie "Legend".
    7. Bobobie and ResinSoul are sister companies, and their resin does match absolutely perfectly.

      And oh god, those ears. *_*
    8. Oooo! An affordable doll with hooves!? Eeep, I may have to get one to make into a pan or a satyr!
    9. I thought they might be but I suppose it never hurts to ask just to be sure :)

      I kinnda agree about the ears, they are... wow... so long O_O

      I wanted to make an adult version of a little fee that I'll be getting soon who has hooves (they were made by Daisydays and are so awesome :D ).
    10. It's odd, but I normally don't like hooved dolls. Mu sorta appeals to me though. Hmm. Do the ears come off?
      EDIT: i like his face a lot. he looks so serious. :3
    11. I totally agree! I'm working on a group of legend inspired dolls too..
      How tall is he?
    12. He is nice, just a shame that body really lets him down.
      Now, when they do something to make that body bearable to look at, I'll be happy :3
    13. I third the "Darkness from Legend"!! Like whoa!!!
      I'd love to see him cast in their red resin ^_^

    14. I love the idea of hooved dolls, but... does anyone else think they look a little out of proportion?
    15. He would be absolutely divine if only his hooves were bigger ;_; I guess I'm just used to seeing Soom's big-ol' animal-footed dolls with their feet bigger than my hands, haha. I love his face though, and THOSE GIANT EARS are awesome!!
    16. Well darn. I had been waiting for this boy to come out and since I loved Ai so much I'd really hoped to like him too... but I just don't. :( The ears, as others have mentioned are far too long - I was looking more for their regular elf ears. I also don't like his face so much... maybe it's just me, but his nose looks gigantic! :S
    17. I agree, bigger hooves to me would look a bit more masculine, but I guess we would need a comparison photo of him next to Ai, and if I had both dolls I would swap his legs on Ai because of the length and they look really graceful.
    18. I adore his face. It's always nice to see boys that are well, boys, serious as he is. :) The ears are pretty crazy, but I just listened to my RS Ju owning friend gush about them. Unlike Ju, Mu's ears actually look like they are naturally placed, so no wig butchering looks neccesary.

      But a buffer SD boy? Wouldn't it be just as well to take their new, and better, joint systems to their Minis? Not that a bigger guy wouldn't be great, but the slimness of RS dolls has never bothered me.
    19. I love his ears. I really enjoy all the different types of elf ears available, and I am attempting to have a pair of each in my boys. So far I have Souldoll, Unidoll, DOD, DIM Minimee and Volks. Mu's ears are refreshing! :) I hope to add him to the family by the New Year.