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resinsoul new 1/3 girl doll

Apr 9, 2009

    1. Her body is absolutely stunning!

      Will you make a female elf head in this size?
      Will Lian's head fit on this body? :D
    2. She is beautiful. I love her body, and her face! You design such intelligent-looking dolls.

      Are there plans to release more 58cm girl heads (or, for that matter, more of the big girls?)
    3. WOW! I really like the new body!

      Do you have a close-up picture of the new hands?

      Will the old Bobobie girl heads fit this new body?
    4. Wotan,I'm very sad that you can't browse the company's Web site.At the same time,thanks Snow to upload these photos for you.Please write to tell us if you have any questions to know.We will answer you promptly.Thank you!
      Sonw,Thank you very much!Of course,we will launch more head,include the head of sprite.LIAN's head looks bigger.It is unfit for use on Dai's body.
      Rabbit-moon,We add a photo of new hand on our Web site.In addition,because Dai is a new body,we don't know whether it can use the head of Bobobie.Judging from the size,it doesn't fit.Thank you everyone.
    5. Will a 60cm boy be released? (And.... possibly a 50cm girl...?)

      Also, are there pictures without the shoes on? I'm very curious about this body though... (I assume she can take 16mm - 18mm eyes?)
    6. ...I wants her... she has such a beautiful smile! and a beautiful price.
      Is the new body double jointed?
    7. will she be available through Bobobie?
    8. Are there any company pictures without faceup?
    9. kb_230692,we'll launch a 60cm boy later.16-18mm eyes is applicable to Dai.
      Silentkage,Her hand is not double-jointed.Her knee have a movable joint.
      mhdolls,our company has authorized Bobobie to sell.
      kyuukurochan,if you need the picture without make-up,please write to us.Thank you everyone.
    10. She's wearing boots on the nakid body pictures and that makes me think she has feet for hight heels. Am I right? And if I am can't we get normal feet as well?

      Also I'd like to know if there's any chance to get her with the tatoo on her face? It looks really beautiful. :D

    11. I just found out about her. I want her in dark tan. Is the chest part the same as Elfdolls?