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Resinsoul Obsession

Jan 5, 2016

    1. Just wondering, am I the only one that finds resinsoul to be totally amazing. I mean they aren't the most expensive and they are easy to come by (so no limited) but I think they are sculpted amazingly. I have two songs and one mei and am probably gonna buy more one day.
      I just like how you don't have to worry about events and not getting them on time cause they are always available. Plus many colours. Who doesn't like all the different options.
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    2. I do like Resinsoul, they are really versatile dolls. They are great for starters and experienced doll owners a like. Sometimes I regret selling my Ya when I see the possibilities of her sculpt. Yao is one of my favorites too, I might get her someday and mod her face a bit. :)
    3. Oh man I want a Ya to customise into a Poison Ivy, I think she would look amazing. And I love Yao's hooves so awesome :kitty2
    4. Hi! Same here! <3 I especially love their superb costumer service <3 In real life, they are the most beautiful dolls :D I have a Resinsoul Song too (He's my first doll) and I super duper love him. :chibi:chibi He has the most amazing sculpt for me. I think the only time Resinsoul had a limited doll is that when they released the red ox? I'm just not sure if he's still available since I'm not a big fan of anthro dolls :/
    5. I totally agree with this! I wondered if I was the only one that was totally in love with Resinsoul.*0* I want so many more Resinsoul dolls; like my whole wish list is made up of them XD I just personally think they're made so beautifully and though they're "cheap" it doesn't mean they don't all have so much potential. I love them so much!
    6. Resinsoul Ming was my first doll and is still my favourite. His face is just precious and i love his hooves. resinsoul dolls are so versatile and I'm really glad that so many people can see their true potential (aint easy with those company photos) and create so many amazing characters! The only thing that bothers me is their poseability, but there's nothing that can't be fixed (and seeing how resinsoul made new 1/3 body, I now have hope for a new 1/4 one). And oh, their colors! So many lovely colors! I got my Ming in dark tan and it's beautiful dark and cool tone, I love it!
    7. Well I am super excited because I am going to get a Resinsoul Ya this year and make her into a poison ivy. I've already got her wig lined up and someone to help me do the body painting and stuff. Besides the fact that I love Resinsouls they are a company that does colours, so yay for green skin. I will put pictures up if I can when it finally happens =P

      I think that the resin they are made out of are like super top quality, I have friends in the community with more expensive dolls and I am always surprised at just how good Resinsoul are. I have like the biggest company crush on them =^-^=

      Great choice in getting a Song, I have two Songs and absolutely love his sculpt... I will probably end up with an army =O
      And I am kinda in the same boat about the anthro dolls but at the same time I see some really nice ones out there.
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    8. Nope not the only one. I have one grail on my list that is a resinsoul Sui on a tang body. I love Sui face but not those dragon feet. I want his hands and wings though.
    9. I want a Ming so badly, my plans for him are pretty scattered but I have such high hopes for him when I can finally get him. Those hooves and ears are just way too cute
    10. I've got two Resinsoul boys, a Han and a Wu, and I adore them both. I love the affordability, and they do offer great canvases to create just about any character. The fantasy dolls are pretty cool, too, and I really like their boyish bodies. Resinsoul msds don't look like babies and I really like that.
    11. I'm obsessed with their bodies.. I mean, that 60 cm one is beautiful, and I can't wait to get my hands on my custom one.
    12. Resinsoul is amazing! They create such beautiful sculpts, some times even better than some of the more expensive companies XD!
      I just wish they did a better job at making their preview pictures because they almost never do the doll justice.
    13. My first and only doll is from Resinsoul and there's about 5 or 6 more RS dolls I would totaly buy. LOL
    14. I always said I'd get one doll from a company. But I'd be willing to break that for Resinsoul! I kinda like how their company photos don't go all out on marketing. Or even being in focus sometimes... It adds a charm to the dolls, and at least for me it makes you work on imagining what you could do with a sculpt. Next up would be a Qing...
    15. If you've seen the crystal blue they have some of their hands in, I plan on getting a full male as in that eventually, if they offer it. I think that would be spectacular.
    16. Nope love them. I have a Mei in skyblue and she is wonderful, she was my first doll and it only sold me on the company.
    17. Woo another mei owner. I have a mei in normal skin that I love to pieces. She is my first doll as well. Resinsoul will be getting a lot of my paycheck
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    18. I think they look very great for fantasy-themed stories. Some of them look elvish.
    19. I have a bobobie Apollo and a resinsoul song/ impldoll body hybrid, and I love them so much! I think the only downside is how big some of their noses are.. But yea other than that I love them and I hope to save up for a few more when I work this summer :3nodding:
    20. @ Troublingjokers: Yes XD Resinsoul and Bobobie does have prominent noses like Akagidoll.