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resinsoul ox bjd?

Feb 2, 2009

    1. forgive me if this is the wrong place - but i just saw this guy


      and fell in love!

      i'm hoping to find out if any one knows anything more about him/her? normally i'm not grabbed by anthros, but this one is just really neat.....

      --> mods, if he/she is deemed off topic i understand ^^

    2. I don't think it will end up being on topic, as it has hooves instead of hands/feet.
      I was expecting something completely different when I went to have a look, must say, I am pleasantly surprised!
      Although, I do wish that it did have hands :|
    3. I think Anthro dolls have to be approved as On-Topic before they can be posted about on DoA. I'm sure if you send a PM to a Mod, they will be able to clarify things for you. :)
    4. Reopening this thread as mods decided to go on an experimental limb and decided these are on-topic.
    5. I ordered my Ox about a week ago he looks so cute I am wondering what other animals they might come out with
    6. FISHSTICKS!!!! why are all these adorable limited dolls coming out at the same time?!?!!? I CAN'T get ANOTHER doll... I just drained my bank account getting Amber

      god this guy's so cute I can't stand it T^T and that color is amazing... I wonder if it's all the way through the resin... this timing sucks =(
    7. they also did some AWESOME dogs that are also allowed on doa ^^ (there's a news thread about it)

      i wish i had money for him because i'd really like him, but i'm glad to see that he's allowed on doa - i look forward to owner pics

      [edit] - i was just looking back at the site, and there's a comment from resinsoul that, to me at least, sounds like they'll come out with a non limited version of the ox in other colors? that would be really neat if they do! (i have a particular fondness for the typical black and white dairy cow.... )
    8. The site says he was done for Chinese new year I wonder they will do the other Chinese Zodiac and I hope they do Tiger!
    9. I ordered one of these little guys too about a week & a half ago now :D
      The Resinsoul website order form was sooo confusing i just e-mailed them saying "help!" & they let me order over e-mail, they seem like a really nice company.
      I decided to get this guy because even tho i am year of tiger not ox i am a taurus & me 'n' my boyfriend have a silly thing for cows & mooing at each other while at work *ahem* so i think this cutie will be a nice addition to my family. If not a very strange one LOL
      I've never had an Anthro before so it will be quite new to me when he finally gets here, it's nice we will be able to post pics :)

      I wonder what number mine will be...? :aheartbea
    10. At this point I really hoping that they come out with a standard version of him in other colors... I'd really like a white one so I could give it cow spots XP
    11. Meep. I'd love to have this boy. & the fact he's RED?! Just freaking awesome.

      Never thought I'd want a cow, lol. Now of course I need to see about the funds for him *sigh*
    12. I really hope I get this before it sells out. I want to dress him up and put him on display in honor of the year of the ox.
    13. I got a shipping notice e-mail from ResinSoul this morning that my lil'cowee is on his way home :fangirl:
      I am sooo excited to get him here (& see what number i ordered!)
      I was hoping for him to be here for my week off in a fortnight & it looks like he will be *joy* I ordered on Feb11th so not even that long of a wait :aheartbea
    14. :o I can't wait to see pictures!!!!

    15. Oh I really like him! I also like the colors! I'm curious about pictures too.
    16. I will post many when he arrives :) He will be my first Anthro & i am very curious to meet him myself hehe!
    17. I am very interested to see what he looks like dressed up.
    18. I saw this guy this morning, and if I hadn't just put a down payment on another doll, I totally would have implused shopped him. I just had a new son born a couple weeks ago, and he's an ox. I can't wait to see owner photos of this doll!
    19. He should be arriving tomorrow (as the ParcelForce website says), hopefully someone will be in to get him if he does ^_^
    20. I love the fact he has hooves instead of hands. I'd love a deer like this. I wonder how they would do the Rooster in the Zodiac?