Resinsoul Qing

Jul 29, 2016

    1. Hi there! I will soon have a Resinsoul Qing and wondered if I could find others who have her as well :) I haven't seen many owner pics, so feel free to share your photos!

      I am wondering what size wig your girl wears - as I'm torn between 6-7 and 7-8 (can't find a head measurement anywhere). Also, I'd love to know what size eyes yours wears. I see she can take 14 and 16mm. But I've also heard 12mm works. I was leaning towards 16, i just wondered if anyone has reference pics before I order eyes haha.

      Thanks everyone xx
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    2. Hello you had probably received your doll by this time! But I want to share my answer anyways as looking for the right clothes, eyes, wigs etc. is kinda tricky for Resinsoul dolls ^__^

      Though I don't own any Resinsoul girl sculpts (I have a Resinsoul Song btw) 6-7/7-8 wigs works for him as for the 6/7, it kinda depends if the wig is stretchable. 16 mm on my opinion is a bit big (white part of the eye is not visible) 12 mm works too if you want to have that natural look. my song can either wear a 12 mm or 14 eyes ^__^