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Resinsoul releases their first 60cm boy!

Sep 21, 2009

    1. On the site, they show the dan and another head on the boy body so they must be offering the male body option with the other 60cm heads :3
    2. Is there a place where we can see examples of the skin tones? And will the 60 cm boy body be available separately?
    3. :) batchix, Here's a photo of the different skin tones :


      It starts at the left with the white horn and then the red horn, gray horn, purple horn, light tan horn, blue horn(?), normal horn, green ball, pink ball. I may have accidentally switched around the normal and pink skintones. :sweat It's kinda hard to tell.

      Here's another photo, without the newest resin colors of red and gray :


      There seems to be a difference in shades, but I think the truest shades are actually in between the two photos. Resinsoul seems to have tiny variations in the color of each resin batch, and of course, lighting and monitors always play unfair.

      Since they normally sell bodies separately if you ask them to, I'll take a guess and say they'll do it for this one too. I could be wrong about this also though... :lol:
    4. I now really want to know how the purple resin compares to Bobobie's, and if this body will fit a Bobobie head...
    5. It's the same resin.
      Resinsoul dolls are cast by bobobie, and thus the same. I'm personally guessing a bobobie head will fit just fine, but you might want to mail bobobie about that (since they might have the resinsoul body and a bobobie head layign around).

      The color pictures look so different because of the lighting. I have a blue and a purple girl, and the lighting is VERY important when it comes to what tint it exactly is.
      Best what you can do is browse around the bobobie/resinsoul topics for owner pictures. Purple can look grey or purple in different circumstances, and the color chart is what you get, but you also get more :lol:
    6. Snow, thank you! The Bobobie forums confirm that you can indeed order your BBB head on an RS body via email and no-one minds, not even the doll. This is the best thing I've learnt all day. :D
    7. I don't see why they wouldn't. They sell their other bodies separately. They also show this body with Yun and Dan heads (58cm girls). I think it would be strange if they didn't, actually.
    8. Sorry if this is too off-topic for the news thread...

      I've been holding off on buying a light tan Dan boy because I heard there was a possible boy body coming out. I didn't see the photos on their website showing Yun and Dan on the boy body. Can you tell me where they are, please?


    9. here's the pictures from the resinsoul site.

      Gang with horns


    10. Now in those three pictures, is that their normal or white skin?
    11. I'd say normal. Their white resin is paperwhite, I think.

      ETA: http://www.resinsoul.com/05-chanpin/p-001-1.asp?id=341

      The resin colors in order are Green, Pink, Tan, Blue, White, Lilac, and Normal. So yes, their white is paperwhite, and the photographs in the previous posts were most likely normal skin.
    12. [​IMG]
      Updated color show of resinsoul/bobobie colors
      white, red, gray, lilac (purple), coffee (light tan), blue, normal, pink, and green
      and i believe dark tan still but only by special order/request to bobobie.
    13. Sorry, but that color chart has been there for quite a while now.