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Resionsoul 58cm Girls

Oct 21, 2009

    1. I know there are separate threads for Dan, Dai and Yun, but looking through them there seem to be a lot of questions that apply to all of the 58cm girls and I thought that rather than having to search each of the threads it might be good to have a general RS 58cm Girl thread.

      The questions that I've seen coming up all the time are:
      1. Recommendations for clothing that fits well
      2. Wigs
      3. Shoes
      4. Would X RS/BBB head work on the 58cm body

      If you have any answers to these questions or other questions please feel free to post them here.
    2. I have a bobobie charisma head on the new 58cm body in grey. If it would be of intrest I'd be willing to get some better shots to show how it looks. It actually doesn't look bad, which I was worried about.
      I'm glad you started this thread, I think a lot of these questions are being asked in different threads!
    3. I'm waiting for a Yun myself- there are nearly no pictures of her to be found! Thanks for starting this thread. *subscribes*