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Restock at eLuts

Oct 1, 2005

    1. I just went to eLuts on a whim and saw that nearly every optional head is suddenly in stock, along with many other things on the site that aren't often there. If you've been waiting... now's your chance.
    2. wow that page looks so...clean.

      I noticed it with the optional heads earlier...
      but wow...everything!
    3. rushes over to see if the boots are back!
    4. Whee! I just ordered a Vampire Dark Elf Soo head! :D
    5. no Unoa boots back in stock :(
    6. Tsuminaki is trying to organize a group order in the Marketplace Clothes section, and some people are joining to see if Sean will allow out of stock items. Maybe you can try there? Worst come to worst you will get your money refunded.
    7. The Kid Delf girl body is finally back in stock ... but the Elf Ttory head isn't. :(

    8. thanks sweetie ..its a thought , I e.mailed Luts a couple of weeks back about the Saki boots , he did say they were comming back into stock in1-3 weeks
    9. The black corset for girls is gone! :( I was waiting for it to come back in stock but now it's not even listed anymore. :cry:
    10. All the dolls but the limited ones are in stock. Never seen that before.
    11. Just so you guys know, I am doing the group orders, both for in stock items (which I'm sending in tomorrow) and out of stock items (which will be sent in a little later, but I'm taking orders now)...see my post in the marketplace for details!