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restocked: 42cm * slim mini Human Nabiya! ~ and tiny surprise Nabiyette coming soon

Sep 2, 2009

    1. July 18. 2010:
      Hi all,
      Restock News: Human Nabiyas are now back in stock!
      PLUS, stayed tuned for a 6" tiny dollhouse size Nabiyette coming soon:Dwww.gardenofdolls.com




    2. Could you also post a picture of her with hair? I know that sounds odd but I want to see how her face features work with a wig. Thanks
      Thank you I will be looking forward to it.
    3. I don't have these on hand. They're at the factory being made. I can post pictures of them with wig when they arrive. I'll be taking preorders on them soon with free shipping.
    4. PREORDER price of Normal & White skin is $215 with Free Shipping. Add $5 for tanned skin. Price will go up a bit when the dolls arrive. This includes the default faceup as shown, and I will apply eye lashes on each doll. All Nabiya dolls will come with faceup as I ordered them that way. If you don't want eye lashes added, please let me know.

      Here's the discussion thread:
    5. I've uploaded preorder price & shopping cart on my website. :)
    6. Elf ears Nabiya may be available later on. Only human ears Nabiya is available to order. thank you,.
    7. Can you buy just the head in tan?
    8. Hi,
      If there's someone that wants the double jointed body only, then I suppose you can just buy the head. I will PM you if I find anyone that would want to split. Her body will pose better than regular body, so I hope you can buy the whole doll if there's no one that wants to do a split.
    9. Any idea when they would arrive if you pre-ordered? I'm thinking of one for a gift for someone from India who will be leaving the country the end of October and would like to hand-deliver it to her before she leaves.
    10. They're scheduled to arrive before October. End of September.
    11. I don't see the elf ears as an option for Nabiya on your website. Can we still order her with them? Thanks!
    12. Hi,
      I'm sorry, but we'll have to wait on the " Elf ears " only until maybe December. since the factory's busy and I don't want them to be delayed in the human ears Nabiya. Only human ears available for now. I should edit that on top. Thank you.
    13. I finally received photos of the white & tan faceup of Nabiya. Uploaded above. Take advantage of Preorder price with free worldwide shipping!
    14. Today's the last day for preorder pricing and free shipping! DOn't miss it!
    15. I've uploaded a few photos here for you with wigs, please also visit discussion thread for more photos:

    16. Garden of Dolls Nabiya discussion link here.
    17. That link was broken. Garden of Dolls Nabiya discussion link is here:
    18. white skin photo up!
    19. I received a sample photos of Nabiya with elf ears. Here they are: