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Restringing DoC Heads

Jul 9, 2008

    1. I'm sorry if there is already a thread like this....

      I'm new to restringing BJDs. I was thinking about sending in one of my doll's heads for a faceup, however, I have a fear of once removing the head, that I'll be unable to reattach it to the doll's body. I was wondering if anyone owns a DoC and can advise me on some ways I can detach and reattach the head with no problems. Thank you for your help....
    2. Well, it take some getting use to, but the easiest way to get the head off is to take a foot off. This should give you enough slack to pull the head up a bit and stick a pencil/pen/stick through the elastic loops to keep it from going into the body. Oh, and it might be a good idea to loop a length of string/ribbon through the leg elastic to make it easier to string it back together. Hope that helps!
    3. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll definitely try that! :)
    4. My DoC petsha's head came off quite easily- remove the headcap, twist the S hook inside the head from crossways (it's like the S would be visible if the head weren't there) to frontways, like you'd only see the straight side if looking head-on at your doll, gently lift a little, and POOF! you've decapitated your darling doll. It MIGHT be easier if one were to remove the eyes and putty first, but I got the head off with the eyes in.
    5. Thanks~! I'll try it.
      I appreciate the help, guys. Thank you, again! ^_^