Restringing Tales

Mar 14, 2018

    1. Okay so I've only ever restrung a doll once and it was because i received him second hand unstrung- and long story short, it was a nightmare that I almost needed to get stitches for.

      When I got the doll, I was so ready for the challenge of restringing because A) I loved him so so much and wanted to see him put together so very badly; and B) I had seen some videos that made the process look easy.

      Okay. Easier said than done.

      At first, I strung him quickly and everything seemed okay- had some complications at first because my restringing tool was too small so I had to switch to a makeshift wire thing + ribbon (which ended up being the best method anyway so hallelujah)- but then when I tried to put the s-hook through the neck, it wouldn't work. Like, at all. And I got so frustrated trying to pull the blasted thing through the head with no avail, scratching the resin almost in actual tears because I didn't know what wasn't working.

      At first I thought the S-hook was too large. So I went to the store to look for a slightly smaller one and lo-and-behold, the store had nothing. So I went home, still frustrated and tried again- maybe there was another issue I was overlooking- not the s-hook size. So I tried a bunch of things, cross referencing my other doll chateau dolls (oh did I mention this was a doll chateau doll? Yes, skinny and even more difficult! But love him to death.) and finally realized that the knot was above the neck, so of course it wouldn't fit into the head hole.

      So it was at the moment that I realized i would have to restring him again after already stringing him. Well this is where everything went south. Turns out UN-stringing the doll is way worse than restringing.

      I was eager to get him strung so in my haphazard impatient frenzy, I grabbed the feet and just tried to hold the s-hook with my bare fingers while pulling off the foot (why... just why) and well what do you know- you should NOT hold the s-hook that connects the elastic to the feet with your bare hands!!! Use a ribbon!!! Because when I let go, the hook lodged into my finger and the tension on the elastic was so strong, it pulled right back into the leg, slicing my pointer finger right down the middle on its way.

      I just stared at it and went oh crap oh crap this is gonna hurt so bad really soon. I was just so in shock at what had happened. It was basically the equivalent to if you had a fish hook stuck in your finger, and then pulled it down right through your skin. It hurt like crazy, but it didn't hurt as much as it was just so painful to watch happen. I just literally couldn't believe my eyes or think rationally at all.

      I really needed stitches for the wound (the finger was cut seriously almost in half- or it looked like it anyway) but I DREAD going to the hospital so I just wrapped it up tight while screaming and kept it bandaged in a make-shift cast for a couple weeks. The skin reconnected on its own.

      But boy did I learn my lesson to use ribbon!! Now, if I ever have to restring a doll again (I will avoid it at all costs though), I have a super safe and easy way using a mixture of ribbon, a wire that I shaped into a hook (wire is great because it's malleable and can can shape to fit through oddly shaped limbs), a wrench, chopsticks, and a whole lot of patience a rational thinking.