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Publication Results for Ringdoll Year End Lucky Draw 2009

Mar 6, 2010

    1. Prizes winners are:
      (Identity number stand for identity number printed on doll's card.)

      First prize winner's identity number: NO.RD0000359 (wins a Ring Kid 1/4 BJD nude doll, in their own choice among all styles in stock)

      Second prize winner's identity number: NO.RD0000203 (wins a Ringdoll's doll head, in their own choice among all the 1/3 and 1/4 doll heads in stock)

      Third prize winner's identity number: NO.RD0000544 (wins a suite of Ringdoll clothes, in their own choice among all the clothes in stock)

      Fourth prize winner's identity number: NO.RD0000400 (wins a pair of Ringdoll shoes or a Ringdoll wig, in their own choice among all the shoes and wigs in stock)

      Fifth prize winner's identity number: NO.RD0000155 (wins a Ringdoll accessory or a pair of Ringdoll eyes, in their own choice among all the accessories and eyes in stock)

      All prize winners please contact Ringdoll via:
      MSN: ringdollservice2008@hotmail.com
      Email: service@ringdoll.com
      to claim the prizes.

      Please fax or e-mail us a copy of the identity card with the identity number in the Prizes' list when claiming the prize, this will help us to identify the genuineness of the prize winners.

      We would also like to take this chance to express our appreciation for all the support and understanding form all Ringdoll customers, wish our service can win your further satisfactions in the coming year.

      Ringdoll service team